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18 Oct 2021
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@_discord_346436625309630465:t2bot.ionoob no clue where to ask but are the instruction @https://gitlab.com/CalcProgrammer1/OpenRGB/-/wikis/OpenRGB-Kernel-Patch still what we need to do with kernel 5.15rc*? 13:47:40
@_discord_346436625309630465:t2bot.ionoob and if i need to be in diffrent room please tell me where to go 13:48:44
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@_discord_425512407990009865:t2bot.iokendall Is there a linter thats used on this project to enforce the style guide? 15:42:08
@_discord_717662483350945842:t2bot.ioalpemwarrior joined the room.15:56:17
@_discord_717662483350945842:t2bot.ioalpemwarrior For the code? 15:56:17
@_discord_471054773223686144:t2bot.ioV10lator joined the room.15:59:23
@_discord_425512407990009865:t2bot.iokendall Yea. Im don't do much C++ work, but I am thinking of something like Java's Checkstyle(https://checkstyle.sourceforge.io/) but for C++. Im sure something exists that most folks use, but it would be useful to add it to the repo 16:00:14
@_discord_717662483350945842:t2bot.ioalpemwarrior Not sure 16:02:50
@_discord_717662483350945842:t2bot.ioalpemwarrior Don't abuse modern c++ stuff and yoi should be fine 16:03:08
@_discord_717662483350945842:t2bot.ioalpemwarrior Take a look at the existing code to see how it's normally done 16:03:35
@_discord_425512407990009865:t2bot.iokendall Oh, nah its mostly small stuff like 2 vs 4 spaces. Spacing around parens etc. I have a PR out that I need to fix a bunch of small things that could easily be caught and/or fixed automatically with a linter. 16:06:10
@_discord_717662483350945842:t2bot.ioalpemwarrior Ask calc 16:10:49
@_discord_717662483350945842:t2bot.ioalpemwarrior The "style" is prettt much what he uses 16:11:09
@_discord_425512407990009865:t2bot.iokendall Roger that 16:11:20
@_discord_717662483350945842:t2bot.ioalpemwarrior * The "style" is pretty much what he uses 16:11:22

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