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25 May 2023
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot does anyone know fedora well enough to tell me what to do about this 04:16:07
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot well, I figured out how to remove the keys, it imported the same keys which broke it again 04:28:39
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot I think they managed to break their signatures, maybe they forgot to update the keys? 04:29:29
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot I used a diffrent repo which might work 04:40:10
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot it didn't work 04:46:36
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot found the rpm to install it manually, all is well fr now 04:57:29
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot * found the rpm to install it manually, all is well for now 04:58:33
@_discord_774188696626659328:t2bot.ioRiskyClick1996#3204 changed their display name from Th_1996 to RiskyClick1996#3204.06:29:36
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@_discord_607077063949811737:t2bot.ioNoheart changed their display name from Noheart#6526 to Noheart.19:57:28
26 May 2023
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 i would like if it was a mode built into openrgb itself so that the effects plugin can still do its effects while mirage mode is happening 00:43:33
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 just so that as it changes color you can see the lights do some trippy stuff on certain fans 00:44:17
Download image.png
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 just a snippit from my controllers software 00:46:02
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 i have to have it installed just to set up mirage 00:46:24
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010Download 20230525_184808.mp400:49:32
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 Just a video using the mentioned controller for mirage mode
warning flashing lights
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 I have to turn off openrgb effects just so the controllers own program doesnt crash 00:50:06
@_discord_122901618369757184:t2bot.ioorange mushroom changed their display name from orange mushroom to orange mushroom#8086.02:46:47
@_discord_122901618369757184:t2bot.ioorange mushroom changed their display name from orange mushroom#8086 to orange mushroom.02:46:49
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@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.ioDrNo This is certainly not possible with the GEN1 controller as the Direct mode addresses the controller with a completely different packet protocol to the in built hardware modes for which the Mirage effect is a part of. It's akin to trying to run Spectrum Cycle and Static HW modes at the same time. 07:02:06
@_discord_208327346208374794:t2bot.ioGisbi#1542 changed their profile picture.12:15:19
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Aurora Shill tbh it looks like white breathing 12:45:56
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 It is set to that while it runs the mirage mode 12:47:32
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 It doesnt have a direct mode atm but it does support having different colors per fan 12:48:24
@_discord_673346421134721045:t2bot.ioPlagueDoctor0101010 It honestly was an idea as if its added others can run it 12:49:13
@_discord_321614457623019520:t2bot.ioFazzi#0001 changed their profile picture.18:07:54

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