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4 Dec 2023
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno At that point in the code it can be either an ANSI or ISO keyboard and requires a superset of keys / values 22:53:49
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno Granted but that was a design change that occurred well after I named it 22:59:22
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno 🤔 Not sure why, he did make the change that required the 2 sets of values. 23:00:23
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno That was the original design. 23:05:36
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno The device descriptor probably won't be helpful 23:13:02
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno You'll need to look thru the protocol capture of pluggin the keyboard in whilst the OEM app is running. That should grab the handshake. 23:13:36
5 Dec 2023
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno Not sure I've understood you accurately. Do you have a screenshot of the original capture for context? 01:17:02
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno try setting up a
    while(result == 0)
        result = hid_read();

        if(data[idx] == ??)
            /* set layout as needed */
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno as an alternative should you require it 01:28:45
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno Platform dependent IIRC 01:30:34
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno NP, the verbose log is normally one of the first things we look to when hard questions get asked in #openrgb-tech-support 01:31:33
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno yeah, look at the Corsair controller again for a quick copy pasta 01:31:51
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno Yeah, for the most part I think it's fine. Couple of questions though: 1. What was the reason to skip brightness implementation? 2. The scaling you're doing with speed is redundant as the UI handles that for you. Why the extra effort? 08:46:44
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno The sliders are set up to handle both cases. I remember fixing this myself some time ago. 12:47:17
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno Yep might have just been the V1. Was looking at the send commands though: have you tried adjusting the 0xFF you're sending? 12:48:34
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno Just set up the mode with the correct Min and Max values 12:51:25
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno Will find another example in code when I get up tomorrow. 12:52:22
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.iotheroguezeta Nope, just set min= 0xff, max = 0x0, and defaut = 0x7F or whatever they are and it will work. 19:30:34
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno All good, as mentioned have a look at the Alienware Controller
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno And to correct myself the brightness inversion was fixed here and not by me. 🤔 Must have been the speed 🤷‍♂️ Anywho, bottom line is the UI should handle min > max or max > min
6 Dec 2023
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7 Dec 2023
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@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno Ok, great 06:59:43
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.iochr1sno At least you've rule it out. 06:59:57
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9 Dec 2023
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10 Dec 2023
@_discord_776199156619673640:t2bot.iothombo64 I'm working on it. You can test it when I'm ready. Ok? 15:06:06

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