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24 Jul 2018
07:08:21@caliboy175:matrix.orgcaliboy175 Yeah
07:09:19@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontuswhats up what are you into pm me if you like
07:10:12@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburup late, up to no good. unfortunately solo, so the mischief is all online.
07:12:38@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: that sj]
07:14:09@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: sounds intriguing but how much trouble is there online.........it getting pretty early here but insomnia got my number
07:14:45@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburthere's enough to keep me entertained but not enough to get me arrested
07:14:52@caliboy175:matrix.orgcaliboy175 Hahaha
07:18:19@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur:are you watching a movie or robbing a bank - sounds like you know your around a machine you got the moves
07:19:53@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburdepends on the machine, really.
07:24:17@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: what about the movies what do you havent really see n anything that good lately
07:24:29@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: i tried pm you
07:25:22@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburthe last movie I saw in the theaters was the Blade Runner sequel. I thought it was terrible but based on some of hte reviews I've read I missed a great deal.
07:27:31@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: oh thats cool, i though you were watchin something now
07:28:05@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: what do you find entertaining and do you have training?
07:28:10@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburafraid not.
07:29:22@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburI find many things entertaining, and I have training of various sorts.
07:30:52@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: can you blame me , im bored it makes sense to watch something together or what other games do you like to play?
07:31:33@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus2+2 +6 that someting
07:31:53@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburbut I'm not watchng anything right now. I'm websurfing and chattihg.
07:32:44@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: im a get drink
08:01:20@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: no im just tippsy
15 Aug 2018
04:27:00@rawbbie:matrix.orgrawbbie joined the room.
26 Aug 2018
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10 Sep 2018
14:09:08@jmovieguy:matrix.orgjmovieguyHope you all are having a nice Monday 🙂
11 Sep 2018
12:21:21@worldknote:matrix.org@worldknote:matrix.org joined the room.
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18 Sep 2018
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27 Oct 2018
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