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Distributed application functioning based on real-time data from drivers, public transportation and travellers connecting  each other for more effective travelling.2 Servers

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14 Feb 2018
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20:26:32@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgyeah soo ive bee trying to contact streamr folks about how to create modules on their canvas
15 Feb 2018
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3 Mar 2018
4 Mar 2018
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8 Mar 2018
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19:16:52@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgvar radius = 1; var car = Volvo; var yourLoc = {lon: 5846 , lat: 6846} var car.Loc = {lon: 1234 , lat: 2365} /// Example of two variables. Let's say we wanna show a nearby car: function showNearbyCar (yourLoc, car.Loc) { if ( yourLoc.lat >= car.Loc.lat +radius & yourLoc.lat >= car.Loc.lat -radius yourLoc.lon >= car.Loc.lon + radius & yourLoc.lon >= car.Loc.lon - radius) { yes, the the volvo is within a 1 degree radius of yourLoc - Show on a map on your phone or something } else {no, Volvo is not within reach. Don't do a thing} }
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19:33:17@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgim currently researching hwo much already existing open source we can use as a lead not having to invent wheel all over again
19:34:52@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orghttps://darenta.io/en.pdf seems to be targetting the same but with values that are from stoneage. only smarcontract they have made this far open source
19:36:48@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orghttps://dashboard.seq.com/docs/example-ride-sharing here we have a good lead though
22:30:15@hitchhooker:matrix.org@hitchhooker:matrix.orgThere probably is also some librarys existing on open street map to calculate navigation routes and based on how long distance actually driver has to take out of his path make the pickup of lifter.
12 Mar 2018
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23 Oct 2018
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