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For discussing on-chain and off-chain governance of the Tezos ecosystem. See http://bit.ly/2rkSiUY for room info. Personal attacks and threats are not allowed. Be kind, nice and thoughtful. : )23 Servers

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27 Feb 2020
03:05:39@alt255:matrix.orgZaxxs changed their display name from alt255 to Zaxxs.
28 Feb 2020
15:58:53@perfectparadox:matrix.orgperfectparadox joined the room.
3 Mar 2020
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6 Mar 2020
10:24:27@tezosmaker:tzchat.orgTezosmaker changed their display name from tezosmaker to Tezosmaker.
10:25:03@tezosmaker:tzchat.orgTezosmaker set a profile picture.
8 Mar 2020
13:22:45@polomxtz:matrix.orgpolomxtz joined the room.
14 Mar 2020
12:58:20@n5atoshi:tzchat.orgRuthless. joined the room.
14:15:28@tezosnodes:matrix.orgtezosnodes changed their profile picture.
15 Mar 2020
16:08:20@inauman:tzchat.orginauman joined the room.
17 Mar 2020
19:36:05@n5atoshi:tzchat.orgRuthless. set a profile picture.
19:36:18@n5atoshi:tzchat.orgRuthless. changed their profile picture.
19:41:28@n5atoshi:tzchat.orgRuthless. changed their profile picture.
18 Mar 2020
01:55:58@csu:tzchat.orgcsu joined the room.
08:02:49@n5atoshi:tzchat.orgRuthless. changed their display name from n5atoshi to Ruthless..
08:03:07@n5atoshi:tzchat.orgRuthless. left the room.
10:34:04@n2atoshi:tzchat.orgn2atoshi joined the room.
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21 Mar 2020
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22 Mar 2020
16:19:30@chetmorton1927:tzchat.orgchetmorton1927 joined the room.
17:42:50@chetmorton1927:tzchat.orgchetmorton1927 left the room.
24 Mar 2020
09:56:11@bakingteam:matrix.orgbaking.team (0% fees) joined the room.
09:58:39@bakingteam:matrix.orgbaking.team (0% fees) changed their display name from bakingteam to baking.team.
09:58:51@bakingteam:matrix.orgbaking.team (0% fees) set a profile picture.
09:58:55@bakingteam:matrix.orgbaking.team (0% fees) changed their display name from baking.team to baking.team (0% fees).
26 Mar 2020
17:52:38@aisciences:matrix.orgaisciences joined the room.
27 Mar 2020
02:23:14@terry:matrix.parity.ioTerry joined the room.
30 Mar 2020
31 Mar 2020
19:39:09@k.bhaskarsingh:matrix.orgk.bhaskarsingh joined the room.

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