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For discussing on-chain and off-chain governance of the Tezos ecosystem. See http://bit.ly/2rkSiUY for room info. Personal attacks and threats are not allowed. Be kind, nice and thoughtful. : )5 Servers

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9 Jul 2019
23:58:19@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack (DONT USE, use @jack:web3.foundation) changed their display name from Jack | W3F to Jack (DONT USE, use @jack:web3.foundation).
10 Jul 2019
23:23:07@lexxor79:matrix.orgElite Tezos - CTO - Lexxor79 changed their display name from lexxor79 to Elite Tezos - CTO - Lexxor79.
14 Jul 2019
03:53:47@xtezzie:matrix.orgKevin Mehrabi changed their profile picture.
03:54:33@xtezzie:matrix.orgKevin Mehrabi changed their profile picture.
19 Jul 2019
14:53:43@elite_tezos:tzchat.orgelite_tezos joined the room.
21 Jul 2019
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25 Jul 2019
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28 Jul 2019
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31 Jul 2019
19:30:34@xtezzie:matrix.orgKevin Mehrabi changed their display name from kevin to Kevin Mehrabi.
2 Aug 2019
10:59:24@slarquie:tzchat.orgslarquie joined the room.
5 Aug 2019
17:33:55@picop2es:matrix.orgpopthreemail set their display name to popthreemail.
17:35:50@picop2es:matrix.orgpopthreemail set a profile picture.
7 Aug 2019
15:39:03@jmoon2020:matrix.orgjmoon2020Is anyone in the bay area available to help me do some coding? I will pay you to either teach me to code, or write the code. Email me at JayMoonWRAIR@gmail.com
8 Aug 2019
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17 Aug 2019
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18 Aug 2019
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21 Aug 2019
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22 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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3 Sep 2019
11:26:15@bettertogether:tzchat.orgbettertogetherFuture tense Charles
11:27:50@bettertogether:tzchat.orgbettertogetherGoing to, will be, will have...
21:32:57@bettertogether:tzchat.orgbettertogether https://unchainedpodcast.com/how-aragon-hopes-to-improve-on-democracy/

4 Sep 2019
In reply to @bettertogether:tzchat.org

very nice one. Luis and Jorge are really awesome
10 Sep 2019
07:44:15@xalax:tzchat.orgxalax joined the room.
14 Sep 2019
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12:59:42@bettertogether:tzchat.orgbettertogether set a profile picture.
15 Sep 2019
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