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12 Jun 2020
@ifoundtheme:matrix.orgifoundthemelove the faq02:04:20
@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackHas anyone in here been to the autonomous zone?03:58:20
@ruin-ghost:matrix.orgruin-ghostCouple of times. Really chill right now. Festival-like atmosphere.04:18:17
@wiml:matrix.orgwiml I've visited. It was pretty peaceful. I listened to a bunch of people speak. I going to give some medical stuff I had to the medic tent but they were fully stocked for now. 07:50:37
@ehlo:jhammons.iojhammonsStatus request.22:17:05
13 Jun 2020
@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackI made a room for CHAZ discussion/coordination - message me if you'd like to be added!01:54:08
In reply to @ehlo:jhammons.io
Status request.
What do you mean?
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14 Jun 2020
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@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackWelcome to our new members!06:04:49
18 Jun 2020
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@blue_omega:matrix.org@blue_omega:matrix.org 15:21:17
20 Jun 2020
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21 Jun 2020
@wiml:matrix.orgwiml Anyone taking advantage of the phase 2 reopening? I'm still being pretty cautious (I have some vulnerable family) but looking forward to a restaurant meal sometime 23:30:15
@prasket:prasket.netprasketWe have not, I see way too many people around without masks on and see news all over of cases rising again. I would rather not risk it. I have been getting take-out from our usual spots if they are open but we have started cooking way more. 😁 23:42:18
22 Jun 2020
@ruin-ghost:matrix.orgruin-ghostI've been wearing a mask when I go out, as usual. The local bodega and some other places I go still require or recommend it, but I'd do it anyway.00:56:03
@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStack My family went to Portage Bay for Father's Day 15:13:48
@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackFirst restaurant sit down since the start15:14:01
@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackIt was nice15:14:06
@prasket:prasket.netprasket I was just looking at the kingcounty.gov website and saw we have been in an upward trend of cases since mid-May. I have no idea why we are in Phase 2. 15:15:06
@prasket:prasket.netprasket I also saw a story on the guardian about all these new cases that are popping up in the south and California are younger people vs the initial wave of older folks in homes. :( 15:16:00
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@yarmi:matrix.orgYarmit changed their display name from yarmi to Yarmit.22:30:36
23 Jun 2020
@prasket:prasket.netprasket https://blog.riot.im/the-world-is-changing/ 19:26:02
@aladenrex:gryzzltest.modular.imAlex Nice...all the different names is definitely confusing. There's also "synapse" (reference homeserver implementation) and "vector.im" (default identity server) @_@ 19:49:46
@wiml:matrix.orgwiml I think it's good for specific clients to have a name that's not the same as the system as a whole … people will get confused either way, but I think that some confusion is easier to dispel than others. I usually don't have trouble explaining "Riot is a program you use to do matrix stuff, but you can do matrix stuff with other programs too" but going the other way is more of an uphill battle 19:57:51
@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackI often use the comparison to email, which still requires some explanation but at least gives people a point of reference they can easily understand.20:07:37
28 Jun 2020
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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