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3 Aug 2020
@prasket:prasket.netprasketThere are some funny videos online from cars and busses trying to go up hills in Seattle when its snowing. Some even to Christmas music lol14:39:44
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@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackWelcome to all our new members!17:07:58
4 Aug 2020
@wiml:matrix.orgwimlHappy Election Day everyone! If you're still sitting on your ballot, remember drop boxes are open until 8pm! https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/how-to-vote/ballots/returning-my-ballot/ballot-drop-boxes.aspx19:06:02
15 Aug 2020
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23 Aug 2020
@romans:matrix.orgRoman Shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMrk6FgdBD007:54:25
1 Sep 2020
@romans:matrix.orgRoman SCorrect me if I'm wrong but I'm afraid there is no way canon lense can be fixed in some local repair shop...22:42:07
@prasket:prasket.netprasketMaybe, I would give Glazers over in SLU a call to see. ‭+1 (206) 624-1100‬23:53:21
@prasket:prasket.netprasketdrop it?23:53:29
4 Sep 2020
@romans:matrix.orgRoman Sthx17:59:05
5 Sep 2020
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8 Sep 2020
@wiml:matrix.orgwimlSmelling and looking pretty smoky out there in northlake/fremont right now. Are the winds bringing us some wildfire smoke? 08:26:22
@prasket:prasket.netprasket Yeah its pretty bad in Belltown, even our building hallways are filled with smoke 14:39:04
@prasket:prasket.netprasket I saw reports from North Bend having ashes in the air. 14:39:17
@prasket:prasket.netprasket my AQI is showing 155 normally about 30 14:40:09
10 Sep 2020
@prasket:prasket.netprasketIt’s going to start getting very bad here. HUGE smoke cloud heading to us from California. Here is info on it. https://wasmoke.blogspot.com/22:25:21
Download ima_ec14bb3.jpeg
@prasket:prasket.netprasketBe safe out there if you must go out.22:27:54
11 Sep 2020
@romans:matrix.orgRoman S prasket: thx for warning 18:26:33
@prasket:prasket.netprasket You are very welcome! Our AQI is Seattle proper is 193 right now. :( 7 points away from unhealthy for everyone vs just those with conditions. 18:28:30
@ruin-ghost:matrix.orgruin-ghostFrom the EPA's scale we're already well into unhealthy for everyone, now getting close to "very unhealthy."19:21:57
@prasket:prasket.netprasket I can agree with that, I am pretty healthy but I went on my patio about an hour ago to cover up the grill and I started to cough and hack just being out there a few minutes. :( 19:24:54
@ruin-ghost:matrix.orgruin-ghostI was getting dizzy last night just sitting in my room reading. :( Please be careful.19:27:30
14 Sep 2020
@EntropyWorks:matrix.orgEntropyWorkshttps://fire.airnow.gov/ zoomed out shows just how awful it is.23:00:19
@EntropyWorks:matrix.orgEntropyWorks changed their display name from atlas to EntropyWorks.23:35:28
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18 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2020
@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackRedacted or Malformed Event15:54:25
@aladenrex:gryzzltest.modular.imAlexI have not but Big DIPA is a great beer name 😆16:48:47
26 Sep 2020
@prasket:prasket.netprasketI do not suppose there are any artistic humans around this channel that would be interested in working on a logo for the Seattle Matrix project are there? https://seattlematrix.org/18:06:21

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