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8 Jan 2020
22:50:52@prasket:prasket.netprasketI do as well, and hope it will help others to check out Matrix! :D
22:58:07@prasket:prasket.netprasketThat was the main reason I setup the seattlematrix.org in hopes to help all the various user groups in Seattle on Slack migrate away from that into Matrix for those who want to dump Slack. Would also be nice to have a single place for users to meet and collaborate across multiple groups and users. ;
22:58:32@prasket:prasket.netprasketAnywhoo.. how is everyones 2020 been so far. Mine is pretty good, starting to think about looking for a new job though ha.
22:59:00@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStack+1 on the new job aspirations, it's like a New Years Resolution for me
22:59:17@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackDecember was rough - thankfully things are getting better now
22:59:32@prasket:prasket.netprasketThats good to hear.
23:28:11@prasket:prasket.netprasket CaptainStack: have you checked out Mastadon yet?
23:28:32@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackWhy yes I have
23:28:34@maya:occult.institutemaya kateif any seattle user groups move over, let us know?
23:29:29@prasket:prasket.netprasketI sure will! +wsealug:seattlematrix.org is the first community I have bridged.
23:34:42@prasket:prasket.netprasketHow do you Mastadon vs Twitter? I really think I should give it another shot and finally drop twitter. Its the last corp social media I am on/use.
23:35:58@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackI'm still mostly on Twitter
23:36:14@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackIn fact I'm not really using Mastodon since my server blocked my crossposter
23:36:34@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackBasically what I would do is post on Twitter, crosspost to Mastodon, and then on my phone I had notifications on for Mastodon but not for Twitter
23:38:05@prasket:prasket.netprasketahh gotcha
23:38:37@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackI might switch instances or get in touch with the admins and ask about getting the crossposter unblocked
23:38:55@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackIt's election season so I was posting a lot of stuff, I think it looked spammy, so I might just tweak my settings
9 Jan 2020
00:27:46@maya:occult.institutemaya kateah, a lot of people just block crossposting--it's sort of gotten the rep of bad etiquette since when ppl automate the mastodon side they're not typically checking there to respond to conversation.
00:29:25@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackYeah, which I totally get - I actually was checking responses, but I wasn't getting a ton either
04:42:35@pat_n:matrix.orgpat_nhttps://www.meetup.com/OpenStreetMap-Seattle has some upcoming events. Edmonds Import Kickoff/Intro to JOSM on the 13th and a mapathon on the 19th.
15:52:30@prasket:prasket.netprasketRedacted or Malformed Event
15:53:01@prasket:prasket.netprasketha sorry wrong link, that was for work letting folks know a new Firefox was out. . Here is what I meant to share :)
10 Jan 2020
14:21:57@prasket:prasket.netprasket changed their profile picture.
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11 Jan 2020
18:20:35@captainstack:matrix.orgCaptainStackEveryone prepare for BS traffic!
12 Jan 2020
02:37:45@prasket:prasket.netprasketlatest from Cliff. https://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-detailed-snow-forecast-for-sunday.html
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