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14 May 2021
@evets:boiler.socialevetsBelow a certain point mSATA drives are pretty much a constant price point22:19:54
@freenode_BODpc:matrix.orgBODpcmine has a 32gb msata ssd in it too22:20:24
@evets:boiler.socialevetsyeah I think that's also what's in mine22:21:02
@evets:boiler.socialevetsdid you get a case and if so what color22:21:33
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyryes, black22:21:40
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyrI went through a US distributor because pc engines was having like 4 month lead times22:21:53
@evets:boiler.socialevetsahh gotcha22:22:00
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyrthis thing looks so polished and minimal and I love it22:22:10
@evets:boiler.socialevetsoh yeah they're beautiful22:22:33
@freenode_BODpc:matrix.orgBODpchow much are they again?22:23:10
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyrfully kitted out from a distributor I paid about 24022:23:25
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyr buying straight from pc engines I'd have paid maybe 180 for the same thing 22:23:39
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyrthat cost includes the board, the case, the power supply, and an msata drive22:24:06
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyrand pre-assembly22:24:10
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyr didn't feel like putting down thermal pads myself 22:24:21
@evets:boiler.socialevetslol the 2e2 is backlogged to 202222:25:32
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyryep I wanna chuck this thing in my new apartment when I move in in a week22:25:52
@evets:boiler.socialevetswhat distro are you running on it22:26:21
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyrthe debian installer serial interface is quite pleasant tbh22:26:43
@freenode_BODpc:matrix.orgBODpccan confirm22:26:51
@evets:boiler.socialevets can confirm as well 22:27:12
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyrI just run debian on just about all my network stuff22:28:42
@freenode_Gophyr:matrix.orgGophyr don't need pfsense or whatever when I know how to work nftables 22:28:55
@freenode_BODpc:matrix.orgBODpc fair enough. i'd probably use regular linux too but opnsense is just so nice and polished 22:33:44
15 May 2021
@c-x-berger:boiler.socialc-x-bergeropnsense ❤️01:51:20

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