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7 Aug 2020
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8 Aug 2020
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@polyphenol:matrix.orgpolyphenol I have a difficult question here.
ANSI keyboards have 1 less key than ISO keyboards.
With my European layout on an ANSI keyboard 1 key is gone.
Now when I try to use xmodmap to bind less to apostrophe my Z key also gets bound to apostrophe seemingly because an ISO keyboard has the less key there. And thats where im stumped.
@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (Elara)what's the question?13:13:48
@polyphenol:matrix.orgpolyphenol How do I bind less to apostrophe without also binding the z key? The z key is to the right of the shift key on ANSI, but with ISO layouts less is to the right. 13:34:47
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@linuxterm:matrix.orgLinuxTermI am trying to use kde neon and I keep being brought to a black screen and logged backed out instantly when I log in17:15:39
@linuxterm:matrix.orgLinuxTermhere is a video of it17:15:45
@linuxterm:matrix.orgLinuxTermI cant use my pc because of this17:15:59
@uumas:kapsi.fiuumas LinuxTerm: Press CTRL-ALT-F3 and try to login there 17:25:56
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@nocturn_adrift:matrix.orgNocturn AdriftI thought that said "Linux Team" and I was wondering why they were asking users how to use their own kernel19:36:48
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9 Aug 2020
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In reply to @nocturn_adrift:matrix.org
I thought that said "Linux Team" and I was wondering why they were asking users how to use their own kernel
I mean. Didn't Linus Torvalds say he had trouble installing debian when he was at debconf?
@nocturn_adrift:matrix.orgNocturn AdriftThat's dif cause Debian is an OS and not the kernel Linus made03:23:00

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