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23 May 2020
In reply to @tauoverpi:privacytools.io
you know what I'll say
NixOS? 😁
09:57:57@helix:tilde.funhelixLFS? 😁
09:58:16@helix:tilde.funhelixI'm ten inches short of Debian testing
09:58:56@tauoverpi:privacytools.ioLevy[P]or GuixSD
09:59:56@helix:tilde.funhelix OK this is embarassing but how am I supposed to init 3 on systemd? just init 3 or systemctl something-with-a-long-name-which-does-the-same?
10:00:37@grad0v:matrix.orggrad0vsystemctl isolate multi-user?
10:01:10@helix:tilde.funhelix nvm I remembered multi-user.target is a thing
In reply to @grad0v:matrix.org
systemctl isolate multi-user?
bingo 😁 ty
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24 May 2020
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25 May 2020
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26 May 2020
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