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25 Apr 2020
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMI have tried to contact many peoplle by email in diem25 being that it alignes with their suposed values. With no sucess though15:49:12
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMproblably not speaking with the right people15:49:30
In reply to @alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org
are you fsol the fondacao de software livre de portugal.
hmmmm, probably not... I dont really know what this is :P
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMis like the portuguese fsf15:50:54
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMno worries, was just wondering15:51:08
In reply to @alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org
problably not speaking with the right people
I guess so. I suppose people would join on their own, as you and me. if a critical mass is reached we could attract more people.
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMtrue15:52:22
@fsol:matrix.orgfsolIt's so freaking hard to convince ppl to get out of their comfort zone and get new habbits15:52:33
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMI was trying to post the rss feeds of diem25 nes15:52:48
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMnes=news15:52:59
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMbut they dont have a rss feed available15:53:22
@fsol:matrix.orgfsollike, even if you advertise the channel and the whole [matrix] concept, I forsee people coming in 1-2 times and then forgeting about it. Unless there are useful discussions goin' on15:53:57
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMYeah that is what im trying to start implementing.15:54:35
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMWould apreciate with the setup of diem25 news related bot15:55:01
@fsol:matrix.orgfsolye, that's a good idea :)15:55:19
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMI think would be a good first step15:55:20
@fsol:matrix.orgfsolagree... 15:55:37
@fsol:matrix.orgfsolI'm not much into technologies but if I could help with something let me know15:56:16
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMsounds good feel free to post any diem25 related news.15:57:33
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMprobably other people would be interested in.15:58:05
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISMhttps://diem25.org/euroleaks-the-full-2015-eurogroup-recordings-now-public/16:53:48
5 May 2020
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21 May 2020
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISM welcome palash.co 23:33:33
7 Jun 2020
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15 Jun 2020
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4 Jul 2020
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISM changed their display name from . ¦3<RELATIVISM to . ¦3<RELATIVIS.22:26:02
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISM changed their display name from . ¦3<RELATIVIS to . ¦3<RELATIVISLL.22:26:29
@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org. ¦3<RELATIVISM changed their display name from . ¦3<RELATIVISLL to . ¦3<RELATIVISM.22:28:48
7 Jul 2020
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