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24 Dec 2023
@_discord_1128406967686287401:t2bot.iomaholmire Hey vlinkz, just wanted to run something past you real quick. I've been thinking for a while about creating a personal project that would aim to create a wrapper for NixOS that would provide feature parity with conventional imparative package managers. 03:24:43
@_discord_1128406967686287401:t2bot.iomaholmire The idea behind that the commandline utilities for NixOS can be pretty convoluted with several tools that more or less do the same thing. 03:25:30
@_discord_1128406967686287401:t2bot.iomaholmire * The idea behind that being the utilities currently available in Nix can get a bit convoluted with several different commands which can more or less do the same thing. I would like to create a set of commands and use existing utilities to conveniently manage Nix as if it were another package manager by reducing the need for manually editing configuration files to add features. 03:27:20
@_discord_1128406967686287401:t2bot.iomaholmire Just wanted to ask if you had anything similiar in the works for SnowflakeOS so I'll know not to make anything that'll end up done better and made reudundant. 03:28:03
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@_discord_772104541142646815:t2bot.iolilnerd11 you could potentially add disko support if the user selects "Erase disk" or the equivalent option 22:15:27
@_discord_772104541142646815:t2bot.iolilnerd11 its not perfect, but its better than nothing 22:15:42
@_discord_772104541142646815:t2bot.iolilnerd11 that being said, there might be more impactful uses of time, but i still think disko is pretty cool 22:16:12
27 Dec 2023
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28 Dec 2023
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29 Dec 2023
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31 Dec 2023
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1 Jan 2024
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2 Jan 2024
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3 Jan 2024
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4 Jan 2024
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6 Jan 2024
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8 Jan 2024
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9 Jan 2024
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10 Jan 2024
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11 Jan 2024
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12 Jan 2024
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13 Jan 2024
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