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7 Aug 2020
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram) joined the room.07:02:16
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)Hello everyon07:14:23
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)e07:14:29
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)Does anyone knows why when I try to color the sequences, in the terminal it shows the sequences on two lines07:14:46
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)image.jpeg
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@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)I don't know what's wrong07:15:37
@telegram_214089820:tchncs.deSαi Ganesh (Telegram)Ohh i faced the same issue when i added the color07:16:08
@telegram_214089820:tchncs.deSαi Ganesh (Telegram)Didn't manage to find a solution07:16:20
@RebelCoder:matrix.org@RebelCoder:matrix.orgIs that Windows CMD ?07:16:21
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)windows powershell actually07:16:52
@telegram_305496376:tchncs.derebelCoder (Telegram)So this is the thing. It has something to do with how Windows cmd/powershell reads/displays those characters. I think we had 2-3 people with this "issue".07:17:44
@telegram_305496376:tchncs.derebelCoder (Telegram)Try debugging your windows version and see if you can find out which of the color symbols or a combination also adds a New Line.07:18:29
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)OK, thank U, I'll try07:22:00
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)I‘ve found the solution to the issue. I "import colorama and init it" at the beginning of the code, and it works.07:44:28
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram) https://www.devdungeon.com/content/colorize-terminal-output-python This link rebelCoder shared's helpful. 07:46:51
@telegram_214089820:tchncs.deSαi Ganesh (Telegram)Ohh nice thanks for sharing07:47:07
@telegram_1193917613:tchncs.deTao Lyu (Telegram)image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_305496376:tchncs.derebelCoder (Telegram)Awesome team/community work. Thanks guys. I will add this to the video description.07:49:22
@telegram_305496376:tchncs.derebelCoder (Telegram)* Awesome team/community work. Thanks guys. I will add this to the video description.07:49:38
@telegram_588730244:tchncs.deIchan Joler (Telegram)Is DNA toolset moduls?09:53:10
@telegram_305496376:tchncs.derebelCoder (Telegram)No. DNA Toolkit is what we are developing in the video series called "DNA Toolkit"09:53:51
@telegram_305496376:tchncs.derebelCoder (Telegram)What I show in my videos, is the creation of that DNA Toolkit. We don't use modules, we create them.09:54:23
@telegram_588730244:tchncs.deIchan Joler (Telegram)Okay, so.. do you use moduls such us biopython or the other for Bioinformatics,?09:56:15
@telegram_305496376:tchncs.derebelCoder (Telegram)No. In my series, I show you how to use Python to create a module yourself, not how to use other modules.09:57:49
@telegram_305496376:tchncs.derebelCoder (Telegram)If you watch the introduction video and the first video in the series, you should have a good understanding what we are doing there.09:58:40
@telegram_1247515261:tchncs.deC Stack (Telegram) joined the room.23:12:44
@telegram_588730244:tchncs.deIchan Joler (Telegram)Okay I'll watch all of your video ini ytub23:14:02
8 Aug 2020
@telegram_44634443:tchncs.deJalil (Telegram) joined the room.09:17:52
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