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9 Sep 2020
@telegram_864154546:tchncs.deA A (Telegram)
In reply to Sαi Ganesh (Telegram)
Oh actually it is exactly what i am looking for tbh haha
Do you mean human wes/wgs pipline ?
@telegram_214089820:tchncs.deSαi Ganesh (Telegram)YES haha15:01:58
@telegram_864154546:tchncs.deA A (Telegram)Ok let me know your eamil and i will send it to you and you have to make bash/python secript to process multiple sample15:02:48
@telegram_214089820:tchncs.deSαi Ganesh (Telegram)ok cool i will Pm you my email15:03:08
@telegram_864154546:tchncs.deA A (Telegram)
In reply to A A (Telegram)
Ok let me know your eamil and i will send it to you and you have to make bash/python secript to process multiple sample
+ validation result for WES only
@telegram_214089820:tchncs.deSαi Ganesh (Telegram)
In reply to A A (Telegram)
+ validation result for WES only
ahh alright !
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13 Sep 2020
@telegram_1302059170:tchncs.dePoonam Vishwakarma (Telegram) joined the room.17:09:14
18 Sep 2020
@telegram_1010903425:tchncs.deDr. Hêro Farhad Salah (Telegram) changed their profile picture.13:19:55
21 Sep 2020
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23 Sep 2020
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@telegram_963938747:tchncs.deAdonis Cedeño (Telegram) joined the room.19:07:40
@telegram_963938747:tchncs.deAdonis Cedeño (Telegram)Hello everyone. I'm Adonis, a Biotechnology Student from Ecuador. Just joining to make code development as a hobbie.19:08:19
@telegram_881750913:tchncs.deDP (Telegram) joined the room.23:25:16
28 Sep 2020
@telegram_469256444:tchncs.deMartin Garcia (Telegram) joined the room.00:24:51
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@drfatboyslym:matrix.orgdrfatboyslymHello everyone I'm Ayo a computer science student (Ph.D.) I'm from Nigeria. Interested in bioinformatics and programming. New to bioinformatics, hoping to find my footing in bioinformatics along with you guys12:35:15
1 Oct 2020
@telegram_758223902:tchncs.deSamuel Coleman (Telegram) joined the room.21:11:01
3 Oct 2020
@telegram_1364294148:tchncs.de@telegram_1364294148:tchncs.deRedacted or Malformed Event15:53:32
@telegram_1364294148:tchncs.de@telegram_1364294148:tchncs.deRedacted or Malformed Event15:55:47
4 Oct 2020
@telegram_1364294148:tchncs.de@telegram_1364294148:tchncs.deRedacted or Malformed Event15:10:03
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14 Oct 2020
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15 Oct 2020
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19 Oct 2020
@telegram_539227607:tchncs.deFaris Izzatur Rahman (Telegram) joined the room.08:34:00
@telegram_539227607:tchncs.deFaris Izzatur Rahman (Telegram)Hi everyone I am Faris, 3rd year collegue student of Informatic from Indonesia nice to join this group08:35:05
22 Oct 2020
@telegram_585053554:tchncs.deparichehr mehrafshar (Telegram) joined the room.23:43:05
24 Oct 2020
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