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5 Dec 2023
@cryptrick:matrix.orgCrypt Rick
In reply to @flatmoonpie:matrix.org
i'm DB Cooper
I knew it!!!!!
@flatmoonpie:matrix.orgCometdon'ttell nobody00:18:07
@cryptrick:matrix.orgCrypt Rick
In reply to @flatmoonpie:matrix.org
don'ttell nobody
secret is safe with me :)
@bill-johnson:matrix.orgBill JohnsonSpotify on Monday announced that it is laying off 17% of its workforce, or 1,500 employees, as it seeks to reduce costs in preparation for "challenges ahead." Details: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek attributed the job cuts to slowing economic growth and higher expenses. The layoffs are Spotify's third major round this year, following significant headcount growth during the pandemic. In addition to cost-cutting measures, Spotify has hiked prices on its music-streaming plans in many markets, including the U.S., to boost revenue.00:26:06
@deaconjohn:matrix.orgDeacon Johnhttps://youtu.be/gvy2yqUHLLg?si=AVI9H9JGGwCzVa2t00:42:30
@cryptrick:matrix.orgCrypt Rickhttps://www.youtube.com/@planetxfilm00:45:07
@deaconjohn:matrix.orgDeacon Johnhttps://youtu.be/h1cjpxQEYks?si=5W7Hxh2I31405i1W00:51:26
@susiq909:matrix.orgManifestorSusiQ909I'm going to go make some home made comfort food...a nourishing pot of soup - and pretend the freaking world isn't going to hell in a handbasket. 00:53:12
@cryptrick:matrix.orgCrypt Rickthank you for listening everyone,,, you are the greatest! have an amazing week00:59:07
@flatmoonpie:matrix.orgCometis lorien not here ?01:05:58
@catdog_girl:matrix.orgcatdog_girl👍 SusiQ 01:06:38
@grog11:matrix.orgGrog Bill Johnson: Bill I've listen to you for a very very very long time, i been avoiding chat. brother Thumbs' way way up !. We have mutual friends in arms !👾 Hi Gang ... 01:18:27
@noreenh:matrix.orgnoreenhhi peeps01:20:27
@grog11:matrix.orgGroghi Noreeennnn !01:20:58
@flatmoonpie:matrix.orgComet Grog: 👋 01:20:58
@noreenh:matrix.orgnoreenh hi Grog ManifestorSusiQ909 catdog_girl Comet Crypt Rick Deacon John Bill Johnson Mario 01:21:02
@flatmoonpie:matrix.orgComet noreenh: 👋 01:21:10
@grog11:matrix.orgGrogAny way I wanted to thank Bill for everything he's doing for people and this station !01:23:16
@grog11:matrix.orgGrogI apologize for my absent but I was in a horrible wreck01:24:52
@grog11:matrix.orgGrogdint mean to stall chat01:28:47
@grog11:matrix.orgGrogSupport the station and have keep keeping on !01:30:59
@bill-johnson:matrix.orgBill Johnson
In reply to @grog11:matrix.org
dint mean to stall chat
I thank you for the kind comments.
Are you going to fully recover from the accident?
@captfred:matrix.orgcaptfredi've died in tucumcari01:47:09

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