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18 Dec 2018
22:12:16@zem:matrix.orgzemi used it with rofi but then wayland comes along, so it is a terminal with pick -S now
22:13:30@christopherjmedlin:matrix.orgchristopherjmedlini might try using rofi, looks pretty nice.
22:14:42@zem:matrix.orgzemrofi is much better for desktop search that dmenu and even better for searches of lists than pick
22:18:01@zem:matrix.orgzemI have a pass picker on a hotkey and the security is done via a yubikey nano. It is a fine system.
22:18:19@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainI just like to have at least two different levels of databases, for somewhat-trusted OS like linux, and for leakage-prone and proprietary (win10, ios)
22:20:11@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainbecause u know, I wouldn't just open full database on a "bad" system that is win10; Who knows, at least, where all the data that gots dumped on MS-spy servers gets in the end (chinese, russians etc)
22:22:50@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainthen almost the same set of bases stays on different machines or mobile devices; therefore its a mess to keep entries updated across everything
22:25:58@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainI don't know how someone trusts so easily their USB flash drives, I got some of them broken mystically and for no reason
22:27:37@adam-stambaugh:matrix.orgAdam Stambaugh That, SD cards, and CDs/DVDs.
22:27:53@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainand if it's not that flash memory itself would fail, then just the connectors will, in time
22:28:15@adam-stambaugh:matrix.orgAdam Stambaugh None of them are great for archiving.
22:28:17@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainwhat about portable SSDs?
22:28:47@adam-stambaugh:matrix.orgAdam Stambaugh I just meant the USB flashdrives, SD cards, and CDs/DVDs.
22:29:35@adam-stambaugh:matrix.orgAdam Stambaugh I'd still trust a properly stored disconnected HDD for long-term archiving for now. Then again, flash storage has been making some nice advances.
22:53:08@flipwise27:matrix.orgflipwiseguys does anyone know how to bork the locale deliberately? I need to troubleshoot something and want to get to the terminal spewing this out anytime I start something: "Can't set locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct!"
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19 Dec 2018
00:09:28@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainso if I want to isolate Steam, likely via Firejail, is it necessery to do all by hand? like this guide says http://jorisvr.nl/article/steam-firejail-debian
00:21:23@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainbut still, they say, "Even from within Firejail, programs can still capture your screen and log your keystrokes"
00:52:33@zem:matrix.orgzemwelcome to the world of X
00:56:20@zem:matrix.orgzemapesbrain you have almost no chance to restrict that in x11. it is restricted with wayland or xpra or qubes os.
01:10:25@Matrix8967:matrix.orgMatrix8967I want to love wayland. But. Last time I used it, I couldn't copy and paste, and all kinds of other bugs. 😕 This was like. Fedora 26 a year or so ago.
01:23:49@zem:matrix.orgzemcopy and paste is a dbus thing anyway. the x11 text selection does work now, too with gnome, but that had problems.
02:07:28* @tauoverpi:matrix.orgLevy is happy with a terminal and decent font rendering
02:07:54@adam-stambaugh:matrix.orgAdam Stambaugh X security extensions combined with firejail and apparmor is pretty strong.
02:08:05@tauoverpi:matrix.orgLevywell, until editor3.0 > vim/emacs
02:10:02@zem:matrix.orgzemLevy: you mean until ed? scnr
02:12:03@tauoverpi:matrix.orgLevyuntil there's a decent hackable editor which spends a bit more effort than the current with emacs emulating a terminal with images
02:12:30@tauoverpi:matrix.orgLevyelectron based is out the window
02:13:15@tauoverpi:matrix.orgLevyit goes against my religeon

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