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20 Oct 2018
05:40:35@camb:odat.xyzcamb I think I see what you are doing and wish you the best of luck minty_
05:41:24@camb:odat.xyzcambI''m not sure if this is the best defense but from what I have seen, I believe your setup is safe.
05:42:44@minty_:matrix.orgminty_I was going to nest another VM in virtualbox, but that was a huge pain
05:43:23@camb:odat.xyzcambI suggest staying vigilant and freezing the VM if things get out of hand.

Just don't have any shared folders or any other connection with the host. If you can avoid having them on the same virtual network, that would be a good idea, though I doubt they'll go for that.

Also make sure there aren't any easy hints that you're running Windows in VirtualBox. So hide the tray icon and make sure the drivers ISO isn't inserted

05:43:55@camb:odat.xyzcambWhonix does this out of the box as a VM image if you didn't know about it already.
05:44:16@minty_:matrix.orgminty_Will do. If you were me, would you go through with it at this point or continue reseearching?
05:45:08@Shadow53:matrix.orgShadow53 Another idea would be to install some free antivirus, to show that you care about the wellbeing of your machine. Also I'm curious if they'll have you disable it.
05:45:50@camb:odat.xyzcambI'm def no expert. I would not risk using a machine containing sensitive data based on my advice.
05:46:25@minty_:matrix.orgminty_Maybe I can install several to look like I care about its wellbeing and be tech illiterate at the same time
05:47:47@minty_:matrix.orgminty_Thanks for the info, everyone. I really appreciate it.
05:47:27@camb:odat.xyzcambThat sounds like a good plan to me. some old trial expired warnings etc. Please do share here :)
05:48:25@camb:odat.xyzcambGood luck bud. Let us know how it goes.
05:49:10@minty_:matrix.orgminty_Certainly will do! I think McAfee will be my first program installed
05:52:02@minty_:matrix.orgminty_I'll share an old one now, I wasn't using any VMs at this time. Just a regular FireRTC call
05:52:06@minty_:matrix.orgminty_I had a fun experience with a scam center. I asked for support with my Linux machine and described some real problems I was having, and after several transfers and holds, I get this really charismatic guy saying stuff like "It's so great to hear that someone is still using lie-nix! Now, to help you fix your problem, I'll need to know what version you're running. 1? 2?" I wasted about 30 minutes of their time because they tried to use the fake numbers and stuff that I was giving them.
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05:55:07@camb:odat.xyzcambI if you get them to download a RAT you are king :)
05:55:51@camb:odat.xyzcambcall it. "mymoneypass.txt" lolz
05:56:54@minty_:matrix.orgminty_Oh man, I've seen people manage to wipe out entire scam centers with RATs before. Of course they'll just pirate Windows again and reinstall it on all of the machines, but it'll waste a few hours for them
05:56:43@camb:odat.xyzcambnot that I know. Just looks easy in vids
05:58:02@minty_:matrix.orgminty_most of these guys still aren't patched for wannacry yet from what i've seen
05:58:14@minty_:matrix.orgminty_so many vulnerabilities
05:58:20@camb:odat.xyzcambI might have seen the same vid. seems crasy they would leave the network open like that. that guy got lucky. but maybe if you try enough 1 out of 10 might be open like that
05:59:36@minty_:matrix.orgminty_yeah, I think we saw the same
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