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19 Apr 2018
01:57:22@beserkerguru:matrix.orgbeserkergurucontainers my dear watson
01:59:00@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria Alejandro D: How does it manage that when there's one copy of the exokernel per process?
02:01:22@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaAccording to wikipedia... it's basically reverting to back when the OS only provided a context switcher, malloc, and partition table.
02:01:41@aledomu:matrix.orgAlejandro D kythyria: Sorry, didn't understand your question. Can you be a bit more specific?
02:03:49@aledomu:matrix.orgAlejandro D

According to wikipedia... it's basically reverting to back when the OS only provided a context switcher, malloc, and partition table.

Afaik they just enforce safe access to hardware but they don't abstract it in any way. The leave that role to the app or a libOS which the app links to

02:04:05@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaAlso, jesus christ, filesystems designed so multiple machines can party on one block device?
02:04:43@aledomu:matrix.orgAlejandro DUh?
02:05:31@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaThe inevitable result of not turning your exokernel into a regular microkernel
02:06:09@aledomu:matrix.orgAlejandro D I don't get it. Can you elaborate on that?
02:07:11@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriahttps://pdos.csail.mit.edu/archive/exo/ eg, this
The ExOS library provides a user-level and extensible implementation of an UNIX operating system.
02:09:45@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria If they're doing that without building a microkernel-based system--ie, it is all a library--then either they're doing something like open a new NFS connection for each process or else have a filesystem that can be mounted FOR WRITING by multiple processes concurrently.
02:11:34@aledomu:matrix.orgAlejandro DThe exokernel multiplexes the resource access
02:12:23@aledomu:matrix.orgAlejandro D I don't know exactly at what (very low) level they do that, I think I read that somewhere a while ago
02:14:06@aledomu:matrix.orgAlejandro D What I always found intriguing is how to do IPC when the libOS aren't the same
02:31:20@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmeson Elon Sayori: It seems like there might have been something like that that made use of the opencv framework
02:32:47@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonI think there's a list of OpenCV-using software on OpenCV's site
02:33:03@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonThat would probably be the first thing to seek out
02:34:15@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmeson Pseudonosaur: But does it have the concept of a root/superuser account?
02:34:30@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonThat's the million euro question
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07:43:10@elonsatoshi:disroot.orgElon SatoshiGood night everyone
07:43:22* @elonsatoshi:disroot.orgElon Satoshi torrents trisquel before going to bed
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