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9 Mar 2019
12:37:21@_slack_wagtailcms_UGTNYN8G2:matrix.orgLeo Trying to use the streamfiled to add a code block to the blogpage but i keep getting an errror https://bpaste.net/show/9504e684ac3c
12:37:26@_slack_wagtailcms_UGTNYN8G2:matrix.orgLeo in my template
12:37:37@_slack_wagtailcms_UGTNYN8G2:matrix.orgLeo any clues as to what i am doing wrong
10 Mar 2019
04:06:49@_slack_wagtailcms_UB1CW1P53:matrix.orgKalobTaulien joined the room.
04:06:49@_slack_wagtailcms_UB1CW1P53:matrix.orgKalobTaulien leo do you have more data, and also the #support chan is a good place to ask!
07:33:05@_slack_wagtailcms_UGTNYN8G2:matrix.orgLeo kalob.taulien thx yes let me ask there though
12 Mar 2019
20:03:28@_slack_wagtailcms_U1HDLHL9M:matrix.orgcoenvanderkamp :wagtail_space: Dear Wagtail Space attendees, please join #dutchsprint
13 Mar 2019
13:05:26@_slack_wagtailcms_UGXKKKWG5:matrix.orgninjaotoko joined the room.
13:05:28@_slack_wagtailcms_UGXKKKWG5:matrix.orgninjaotoko hello
13:11:49@_slack_wagtailcms_UGXKKKWG5:matrix.orgninjaotoko I'm new with Wagtail (BTW: fuk#$ awesome CMS!) and I trying to get all available Tags fRom API but there is not reference in docs... where can I find some information about this?
13:13:04@_slack_wagtailcms_U0L1Z4JMC:matrix.orgtom Welcome xavierlesa! You should try asking in #support
13:13:38@_slack_wagtailcms_UGXKKKWG5:matrix.orgninjaotoko thanks tom!
15 Mar 2019
14:30:34@_slack_wagtailcms_UH04JCF52:matrix.orgerik joined the room.
14:30:38@_slack_wagtailcms_UH04JCF52:matrix.orgerik Hello folks! Iโ€™m on the new-ish side of wagtail, been poking at it for the last 6 months as part of an all-volunteer team building a new website for a social organization
18:15:48@_slack_wagtailcms_U7L26SD7W:matrix.orgDamon Jagger Hello :)
23:42:33@_slack_wagtailcms_UH0QJBHE0:matrix.orgJoey joined the room.
23:42:34@_slack_wagtailcms_UH0QJBHE0:matrix.orgJoey Hey people, I'm an habsolute noob on wagtail. Looking forwards learn! ๐Ÿ‘
23:42:53@_slack_wagtailcms_UH0QJBHE0:matrix.orgJoey (edited) ... an habsolute noob ... => ... an absolute noob ...
16 Mar 2019
08:34:53@_slack_wagtailcms_U1HDLHL9M:matrix.orgcoenvanderkamp Welcome Joey, we all started as noobs on Wagtail, so that that is okay. If you have questions ask on #support
10:05:12@_slack_wagtailcms_U7PPZ135F:matrix.orgLB joined the room.
10:05:12@_slack_wagtailcms_U7PPZ135F:matrix.orgLB Cool site - lets you view the history of any file on github - scroll to the bottom to see recent changes and then navigate using left/right keys. https://githistory.xyz/wagtail/wagtail/blob/master/wagtail/core/blocks/field_block.py
16:26:26@_slack_wagtailcms_UH04JCF52:matrix.orgerik changed their display name from Erik Stockmeier to erik.
18 Mar 2019
03:44:20@_slack_wagtailcms_U0L5265B8:matrix.orgjonnyscholes joined the room.
03:44:21@_slack_wagtailcms_U0L5265B8:matrix.orgjonnyscholes wagtail-whoosh is a plugin that provides Whoosh as a search backend for Wagtail. It's got a few people quite excited because Whoosh has many features you would see in other search providers like Elasticsearch. However it is written entirely in Python which makes complex queries much easier and more Pythonic to construct and does not require any 3rd party dependancies (eg Elasticsearch/Postgres) to run.
03:44:32@_slack_wagtailcms_U0L5265B8:matrix.orgjonnyscholes I've just made a new channel for all things wagtail Whoosh - if your interested in search backends we'd love to have more people involved ๐Ÿ™‚ Come say hi at wagtail-whoosh
03:44:57@_slack_wagtailcms_U0L5265B8:matrix.orgjonnyscholes https://github.com/wagtail/wagtail-whoosh/ https://whoosh.readthedocs.io/en/latest/intro.html
05:28:53@_slack_wagtailcms_UFBBKJF52:matrix.orgnithish when i save data on TextField it stripe down space and newline to \n \r \ \, so how to avoid this striping when we try to save Page model
07:29:18@_slack_wagtailcms_U0LQA2BFT:matrix.orgmattwestcott replied in #support ^
16:20:39@_slack_wagtailcms_UCS4T0VNY:matrix.orgVince Salvino I was really excited when I found out about this because we primarily use MySQL. The wagtail database search is quite limited, and Elasticsearch requires an additional piece of infrastructure. Thanks for putting this together! I have considered rebuilding the index whenever a page is published/updated - do you think that would be a good idea and/or feasible?
16:24:07@_slack_wagtailcms_UCS4T0VNY:matrix.orgVince Salvino wagtail-cache 0.5 is out, includes a new middleware that I recommend switching to, which will handle CSRF tokens and cache 301/302/404 pages as well to lighten the load on your database. https://docs.coderedcorp.com/wagtail-cache/stable/releases/v0.5.0.html

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