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23 Sep 2019
19:53:26@_slack_wagtailcms_U9PH7G2RE:matrix.orgtutuca changed their profile picture.
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24 Sep 2019
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29 Oct 2019
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3 Dec 2019
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14 Dec 2019
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17:42:26@yvonne:hispagatos.org@yvonne:hispagatos.org joined the room.
16 Dec 2019
06:12:05@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Gleason changed their profile picture.
19 Dec 2019
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25 Dec 2019
16:43:58@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Gleason changed their display name from Alex to Alex Gleason.
16:44:39@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Gleason changed their profile picture.
26 Dec 2019
13:08:36@julia:ggc-project.dejulia joined the room.
30 Dec 2019
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4 Jan 2020
07:36:55@cherusker:matrix.orgcherusker joined the room.
5 Jan 2020
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8 Jan 2020
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10 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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23 Jan 2020
22:43:24@U039b:matrix.orgU+039b changed their profile picture.
24 Jan 2020
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25 Jan 2020
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31 Jan 2020
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2 Feb 2020
11:55:39@sabine:converser.eusabine joined the room.
3 Feb 2020
22:46:17@einar:feneas.orgeinar joined the room.
5 Feb 2020
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4 Apr 2020
12:29:20@test:converser.eutest joined the room.

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