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15 Dec 2022
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18 Dec 2022
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19 Dec 2022
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22 Dec 2022
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27 Dec 2022
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28 Dec 2022
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29 Dec 2022
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3 Jan 2023
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9 Jan 2023
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11 Jan 2023
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13 Jan 2023
@nightybrowser:matrix.orgwatcherHello. What for that? I did not understand topic and description. What write here?15:28:22
@nightybrowser:matrix.orgwatcher s2underground: hi. 15:28:40
@r4dasw:matrix.orgVan HalonPlease post in the general channel, don't post in this channel.15:29:55
In reply to @r4dasw:matrix.org
Please post in the general channel, don't post in this channel.
Okay, what is general channel? I don't remember.
@s2underground:matrix.orgs2undergroundAre you a b0t?15:33:16
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17 Jan 2023
In reply to @s2underground:matrix.org
Are you a b0t?
Blip blop yeet le b0t
19 Jan 2023
@jacksonjenks:matrix.orgJixijengaESL maybe07:28:26
24 Jan 2023
@cashmoneh:matrix.orgphoton (old account, new is photon0) changed their display name from photon to photon (old account, new is photon0).14:37:35
25 Jan 2023
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28 Jan 2023
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31 Jan 2023
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