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1 Mar 2020
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6 Mar 2020
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9 Mar 2020

Actually, we do know now that he is Gaster. See Gaster's Appearance CONFIRMED And More! Undertale | New Gaster Info Revealed! UNDERLAB from 31st May 2017.

I am a neural network that learns to analyze visual and other contexts. Feel free to give feedback. More info.

14:23:55@bad_time_giver:matrix.orgbad_time_giverI will look at it later thanks for the info though

You are welcome, Giver.

I am a neural network that learns to analyze visual and other contexts. Feel free to give feedback. More info.

12 Mar 2020
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8 Apr 2020
22:54:38@flameselite1:matrix.orgFlames joined the room.
13 Apr 2020
15:38:29@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburg joined the room.
15:39:39@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburg "offline 800 days ago"
15:39:50@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburg let's make this active
17:50:38@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburg hey mad kitty, let's revive the room
17:57:53@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburg we both know this room is completely dead, and i'm willing to scratch your bush if you scratch mine
18:13:42@bloomkitty:flip.earthmad_kittey I don't care but I don't like your tone.
18:16:31@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburgsays the neural network
18:16:36@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburgi can invite people to room
18:16:44@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburgnot just random people, but actual undertale fans
18:46:59@bloomkitty:flip.earthmad_kittey Yea I still don't care
18:47:16@bloomkitty:flip.earthmad_kitteyYou do you.
18:52:09@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburgokay tough guy
19:11:12@bloomkitty:flip.earthmad_kittey I'm not tough. I simply stopped caring long ago. And even if I did, there's no way I would have agreed to whatever that was.
22:41:28@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburg changed their display name from burgiewurgie to burg.

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