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2 Mar 2021
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse Handling if, if_true and if_false already requires the compiler to cheat (more or less), but with iteration that's not feasible (due to how many different ways there are to iterate) 21:43:26
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseSeems I'd have to take the Rust route of introducing some sort of closure type that can be called only once, and only allow those to move variables21:47:29
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseBut yuck, now we're getting dangerously close to over engineering21:47:38
3 Mar 2021
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseI think I found a way to make it work without becoming a pain, but this definitely needs some further thinking/research16:13:13
@codec_abc:matrix.orgcodec_abcGood luck. Seems like a bit tricky to implement.16:56:09
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse Yeah, the basic rule comes down to this: when a closure moves a variable, it must either re-assign that variable or return from the surrounding method 17:17:15
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseI thought this would be too extreme, but upon closer inspection I think it won't be an issue17:17:42
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersee.g. when moving in loops you'd already re-assign the variable so you can use it in the next iteration. For conditionals, the compiler already prevented you from using variables moved in an if/else branch17:18:15
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse This generic rule actually makes that last bit easier to implement, though for if I still need a compiler hack (so you can move the same variable in the true and false cases) 17:19:09
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse This way I don't need to introduce a one-shot closure (e.g. do once). That wouldn't work anyway: to enforce you can only call them once, you have to move it. But a closure that moves can't return or throw from its surrounding method, as moving it may result in it outliving that method 17:20:33
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersethat would thus render them more or less useless17:20:46
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse With that said, I'm still looking into decoupling throw and return from the ownership of a closure 17:21:12
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse That is, it's fine if a closure uses return and is moved, as long as its called before the surrounding method returns 17:21:31
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseNot sure if you can reliably detect that using escape analysis (let alone in the crappy Ruby compiler)17:21:56
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseEither way, we're slowly getting there I think17:22:10
4 Mar 2021
@uzluisf:matrix.orguzl changed their profile picture.23:11:29
12 Mar 2021
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersehttps://gitlab.com/inko-lang/inko/-/merge_requests/120 started an MR for the changes. It's still entirely possible I have to drop this, but so far so good00:36:44
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterseit's in the early stages, and I'm mostly using it to keep track of TODOs/discoveries/etc, so I don't forget about those00:37:01
29 Mar 2021
Download image.png
Download image.png
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse kiti_nomad: what exactly are you trying to achieve? 12:31:18
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterseah I see the second image now12:31:34
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterseaha, you are trying to source a Vim configuration file in bash12:32:47
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseThat's not going to work, because, well, vim config files are meant for vim :)12:33:45
Download image.png
Download image.png
@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadThis is configured in wsl, and the configuration is successful under windows17:47:57
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse kiti_nomad: I can't help you with your Vim setup, though it may look like vim-plug isn't loaded properly. Perhaps this is due to a path difference in Windows vs WSL 20:55:59
30 Mar 2021
@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadthank you 02:05:43

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