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8 Jan 2020
16:51:55@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseOnce we have a self-hosting compiler I plan to dig into this more
20:18:06@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseUgh, the sheer amount of work needed for the compiler is at times a bit depressing
20:18:23@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpetersee.g. I'm working on the type checker, but there isn't really a single place you can start and incrementally work your way up
20:18:42@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpetersebecause right away you need 15 different things, all of which require careful thinking or risk having to rewrite them further down the line
20:27:16@fsx:matrix.orgfsxHow to you manage to make time for this? Seems like an incredibly complex thing.
23:56:09@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseI try to spend an hour or two every evening on this, but it's challenging next to a full time job
12 Jan 2020
08:26:37@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadCan you add a version number to the import statement
08:27:51@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadOf course, you can also specify the version number when declaring the module
08:28:50@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomad Maybe inko has package management tools, I don't know yet. Where you can specify the relevant version number you need
15:00:15@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseNo, versioning won't be built into the import statements/module names
15:00:48@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseThere's no package management either yet
15 Jan 2020
08:50:04@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadThe purpose of calculation is to obtain the result of the operation. Except for the result of the operation, everything else is a side effect. In order to obtain more computing results, a programming language must support concurrency, distributed, and parallel.
08:51:11@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadIt would be nice to write distributed parallel programs as easily as using instant messaging software
08:52:23@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadObviously languages ​​like inko and erlang have such opportunities。i love inko!
22:05:55@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseThanks :)
19 Jan 2020
21:44:34@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadI feel that inko is Rust running on a virtual machine
21:55:21@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadI was wrong, I looked at the features on the homepage of inko, I thought inko was a language like erlang
23:40:09@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseInko is quite different from Rust, and indeed closer to Erlang
23:40:22@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseThe VM is written in Rust however
20 Jan 2020
05:56:49@fsx:matrix.orgfsxWhat reasons do you have for writing Inko? I can imagine that writing Inko (in the future) would be more pleasant than writing Rust. The syntax looks a bit daunting and cumbersome (I've only followed a tutorial and read some code).
05:57:30@fsx:matrix.orgfsxJust curious. Waiting on the train to work. Have nothing better to do.
17:01:41@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseI want a high-level language better suited for concurrent programs compared to Ruby, Python, etc. Erlang is a source of inspiration, but not quite what I am looking for (e.g. I am not the biggest fan of functional languages)
21 Jan 2020
19:15:46@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadI think concurrency is as important as distribution
19:19:51@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseInko won't have built-in support for distributing work across hosts, I believe that's something better suited for an external library
19:21:57@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadyou can design it simple enough, I don't care which it's built in
19:28:04@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseI'm not going to though, since that's way out of the scope of Inko.
19:33:00@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadWhether you succeed or not, this is a test of your thinking
19:38:19@hellonomad:matrix.orgkiti_nomadI am in wuhan, during this time I think I have a lot of time to learn inko

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