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22 Oct 2018
21:11:10@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterse At least that should be OK to deal with, since Windows accepts both \ and /, so I can find-replace
21:23:07@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterse Basically I have to do \ -> /, and C: -> /c/
21:23:15@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpetersebut only on msys, because that wouldn't work outside of it
21:23:33@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterse(and deal with the primary drive not always being C:)
21:27:23@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseGot it to build!
21:27:26@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseFreakin' finally
23:13:01@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterse Of course getting this to work in cmd.exe is proving to be tricky
23 Oct 2018
19:59:21@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterse Couldn't get it to work directly in cmd.exe, but at least I can get it to work when you launch an msys bash shell from cmd.exe
19:59:38@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterse It's not ideal, but at least it should allow for some form of automated testing/releasing
20:24:09@codec_abc:matrix.orgcodec_abcWell, how the cmd is supposed to have the unix tools in path ?
30 Oct 2018
15:37:54@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpetersehttps://ci.appveyor.com/project/YorickPeterse/inko/builds/19915470/job/6yaf3be52u9jpsaq \0/
15:37:59@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpetersefinally the FFI code is green on Windows
15:38:23@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseNot a fan of the C dependencies it brings with itself, but there is sadly no way around this until libffi has proper cmake support
15:57:20@codec_abc:matrix.orgcodec_abcWell there is no small win, so congrats for being able to make this work on Windows.
21:56:00@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseHopefully binaries compiled on MSYS2 will work outside of it, but I haven't tested this yet
21:56:10@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseI'm also not sure if binaries compiled on for example Windows 10 would work on Windows 7
22:58:56@appcypher:matrix.orgappcypher The binaries won't work without the msys.dll bundled with them.
The binaries should however work on Window 7. Wn
31 Oct 2018
00:59:51@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseAh that's good to know
6 Nov 2018
21:44:18@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpetersePfew, after two weeks of plumbing I managed to move most instruction logic out of the interpreter loop and into separate functions
21:44:31@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseThis doesn't really affect users or anything, but it should make maintenance quite a bit easier
21:45:05@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseThis results in about 830 fewer lines in the interpreter, or course at the cost of those lines being elsewhere now
21:45:18@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseSo now it's "only" 1696 lines long, instead of 2524
21:45:54@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseAnnoyingly we went from a total of 15 653 to 16 234
21:46:48@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseThough if I configure rustfmt to wrap lines at 120 characters instead of 80, we're at 14 920
21:46:53@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseStill, that's quite a lot of code
21:58:10@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseThen again Ruby has something like 290 000 lines of C code
22:03:55@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterse10 671-ish excluding tests, that's more like it
24 Nov 2018
23:23:57@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgyorickpeterseVersion 0.3.0 has been released: https://inko-lang.org/news/inko-0-3-0-released/
12 Feb 2019
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