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26 Jul 2018
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseWay back there was a `const` keyword, but I removed it17:56:52
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseI actually find having separate keywords rather annoying17:57:07
29 Jul 2018
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersecodec_abc FYI I'm adopting your num-bigint changes14:48:35
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseI found a fairly simple way to fix the few issues you marked as "maybe broken"14:48:50
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseThis will make cross compilation much easier14:49:04
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseMR here: https://gitlab.com/inko-lang/inko/merge_requests/715:07:14
@codec_abc:matrix.orgcodec_abcThanks! I just tested it and I can confirm now that the VM is trivial to build on Windows.19:43:44
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersenice :)20:33:35
1 Aug 2018
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseI managed to get all tests to pass on Windows using AppVeyor. If I can get releaes to also work, that means pre-built binaries for Windows14:02:35
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseThough it's using visual studio 2017, and I have no idea how portable that is between Windows versions14:02:55
@codec_abc:matrix.orgcodec_abcNice! I am not sure to understand the second sentence. What is using VS 2017? The compiler and/or VM or something else? Visual studio is portable across Windows version. You often only has to give the runtime library (the famous msvcpXXX.dll) with the software (or find a way to trigger the redistribuable install on the Windows machine)15:28:49
2 Aug 2018
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseThe VM was compiled with it, though I abandoned precompiling windows releases00:06:25
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersemaking sure the manifest is up to date with a bunch of concurrent builds was too painful, at least for now00:06:43
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersebut at least the tests run on Windows now00:06:49
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseIVM can now be built on stable Rust: https://gitlab.com/inko-lang/inko/commit/8cf6067428a4865b98c7dfb64eb46117c2f7426317:57:42
@codec_abc:matrix.orgcodec_abc Nice! I am not sure to understand what issues you faced on Windows only which prevented you to get the prebuild working. Maybe I can help since I am mostly a Windows dev but I don't know what you are talking about when you refer to the manifest and the concurrent build. 18:37:09
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersehttps://inko-lang.org/news/inko-now-supports-stable-rust/ Details on the stable Rust support18:43:04
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Petersecodec_abc They're not really Windows related, it's more due to the lack of flexibility of AppVeyor18:43:44
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse Specifically it's because we have both GitLab CI and AppVeyor 18:43:59
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseAs part of the release process we build a manifest that contains all released versions. This isn't atomic, so we make sure it runs at the end of the CI pipeline18:44:19
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse But AppVeyor runs all builds in parallel (more or less), there's no "run this after everything passes" 18:44:40
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseOne hack is to write a script that waits for AppVeyor to pass, then run that before the CI build that generates the manifest18:44:57
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick PeterseBut it's tricky to get that right (e.g. there's no guarantee the AppVeyor build is visible by that point), and I'd rather not spend time on that now18:45:21
@codec_abc:matrix.orgcodec_abcOk, and when you are saying all the build, what does it mean? (Mingw/Msvc, 32/64, stable/nightly or something else ?)18:48:14
@codec_abc:matrix.orgcodec_abc Also, I agree with you that spending time on this right now is probably not the best idea, however do you need to have the manifest for windows? Can't the CI upload the whole thing without manifest and saying is not "really" official release. That way you provide an easy way to get started for Windows users but without having to commit fully to windows until later on? 18:54:11
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse The manifest is required for "ienv" (and other tools) to know a package/version is available 18:59:31
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse In this case "builds" means to 4 builds that run in parallel. 2 for building on msvc (stable and nightly), 2 for using GNU (whatever that is) 19:00:09
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse I think Rust's "gnu" for Windows refers to mingw or some flavour, but I'm not 100% sure 19:00:24
@yorickpeterse:matrix.orgYorick Peterse Either way, there are 4 tasks running in parallel, but AppVeyor offers nothing (easy) that you can run once all four are done 19:00:47

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