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23 Oct 2017
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzAwesome site12:37:18
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzA few comments, the images needs to say what license they are in. Creative Commons Un-Commercial 4.0 is usually a good choice.12:37:51
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzThe mailto icon, font awesome has a better icon, you could change that12:38:06
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzthe unsplash link is wrong, can we get that fixed ?12:38:18
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzKaraiGLUG Logo and the name, are copyrights of the community. So All wrongs reserved might not greatly work for a community in these lines. But Its totally fine if you dont want to change it also12:39:08
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzSee-more-photos button "-" can be removed12:39:31
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzkaraikudi -> Karaikudi12:39:50
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzThe first background image, has an ipad in it 😄12:40:19
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzand 2 iphones in it, 12:40:35
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzOkie, fun apart, if we can replace that image with something more related to us, photos from camp or something like that, it adds more value12:40:59
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzLDL Installation in govr.school - LDL Installation in Government School (Prefer the school name here than saying govt school)12:41:35
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzOn the technical side, RoR for a nearly static site is an overkill. I assume the community understands RoR incase there needs to be more edits12:43:32
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzlater during the time12:43:43
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzAlso, talk to FSFTN and get a sub-domain like, karaiglug.fsftn.org, that would be a better url than karaiglug.herokuapp.com .12:44:15
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzAlso another good idea is to not rely on heroku, since you run a free account, there is a high possibility that the app container will be shut down constantly, which means, you might have constant downtimes12:45:00
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzThats it, Good work, 12:45:16
@aaru_swartz:matrix.org@aaru_swartz:matrix.org Thanks for you observation and suggestions.
The image, we were about to change it with fsftn event image
@aaru_swartz:matrix.org@aaru_swartz:matrix.orgWe will do other corrections too18:00:09
@aaru_swartz:matrix.org@aaru_swartz:matrix.orgIt would be very much helpful, if someone could suggest any better alternative to heroku18:01:33
@voidspacexyz:matrix.orgvoidspacexyzRoR . . . Let me look around18:56:49
24 Oct 2017
Download meetup.png
@aaru_swartz:matrix.org@aaru_swartz:matrix.orgyeah meet up this sunday in karaikudi19:41:52
25 Oct 2017
@velu_aon:matrix.orgvelu joined the room.03:54:31
30 Oct 2017
Download file1509340638857.jpeg
@aaru_swartz:matrix.org@aaru_swartz:matrix.org https://djangogirls.org/bangalore/ 05:17:29
Download file1509340711195.jpeg
Download file1509340761553.jpeg
Download file1509340782806.jpeg
Download file1509340801503.jpeg

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