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3 Mar 2024
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138the poor scholar is a trope, but also, now things are generally better across the board, better working conditions08:14:39
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.spaceBzeepo 小狼狗 (PUSSY IS MY IDEOLOGY)
In reply to @anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.art

"let's rename euler to wheeler so people don't realise it's the same guy"

@anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.artbunnyclasterNot quite better conditions, just more consistent ones08:15:33
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.spaceBzeepo 小狼狗 (PUSSY IS MY IDEOLOGY) i knew he looked familiar! 08:15:37
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.spaceBzeepo 小狼狗 (PUSSY IS MY IDEOLOGY)
In reply to @anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.art

"let's rename euler to wheeler so people don't realise it's the same guy"

guess who Wayne Gretzky's team was named after
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138all the manhattan project people are interesting in their own right08:16:04
@anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.artbunnyclasterAll of them glow08:16:16
@anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.artbunnyclasterand not because of radiation08:16:20
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138there's that story of feynman watching the trinity test (i think it's called) through the windshield of a truck while everyone else looked away because he calculated the physics that it wouldn't damage his eyes08:17:09
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138which i just think is so cool08:17:15
@anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.artbunnyclasterKnew it would do nothing so he just pretended that he had some super gigabrain solution08:18:27
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138like Oppenheimer came out (which i have not seen) but the fact is every single scientist who was there is endlessly fascinating by themselves08:19:46
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.spaceBzeepo 小狼狗 (PUSSY IS MY IDEOLOGY) my favourite part of feynman was his treatment of female students 08:20:21
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138and then the next 80 or so years is just "we don't understand quantum mechanics lol"08:25:30
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138including einstein, einstein was WRONG!08:25:46
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138susskind has a good lecture series on a few topics and also QM (i don't remember the scope of it) on youtube if people are interested08:27:41
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138to be fair my sense of quantum mechanics is yes it's incredibly spooky and mysterious and completely the most prolific example in that area but it's not like we understand the root causes of anything either08:31:14
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138we don't know "why" electromagnetism is the way it is, when you ask enough why's eventually you get to an i don't know08:31:47
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138but we can make accurate predictions using quantum mechanics, so that's good enough08:32:06
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138i thought there were about 10 competing models of quantum mechanics interpretation but apparently most people have settled on one or two, it's not nearly that diverse08:33:17
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138i'm hijacking your math room and turning it into a physics room just try to stop me08:34:38
@anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.artbunnyclasterModern physics is more maths than it is physics after all08:44:23
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138quick fund a bigger particle accelerator08:48:45
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138i feel like that's how science should be taught in schools08:49:15
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138how do we know what things are made out of? we smash things into other things!08:49:31
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138(but really, unironically kind of this... teach methodology, not "memorize these facts")08:54:16
@anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.artbunnyclasterAnd if you're concerned about replication and reproduability08:55:11
@anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.artbunnyclasterjust make a bigger one08:55:15
@anotheronebitesthedust168:cutefunny.artbunnyclasterso that you are the only one that can do what you did08:55:30

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