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Bible Study App (And Bible) is an open source, offline Android Bible study application. The purpose of this group is solely for AndBible related topics. Please do not post unrelated articles, videos, etc. Website: https://andbible.github.io Frequently Asked Questions: https://andbible.org/go/faq GitHub: https://github.com/AndBible/and-bible Support AndBible development: https://shop.andbible.org/17 Servers

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17 May 2024
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19 May 2024
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20 May 2024
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21 May 2024
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22 May 2024
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@blacknote:matrix.orgюл (tab)Gods grace to you all 🙂04:09:10
@blacknote:matrix.orgюл (tab)why i can't find any ru lang docs in download? Thanks04:16:00
@telegram_243336877:tchncs.deTimmy Braun (Telegram)
In reply to @blacknote:matrix.org
why i can't find any ru lang docs in download? Thanks
What is your phone language set to? There are 33 docs showing up for me in ru language. My app is in English. I know some have had harder time finding the right language when phone is set to different language
@blacknote:matrix.orgюл (tab)i was triing just now change set lang preferences, but had no resul, may be prob with my old tablet, thanks 🙂05:37:00
@blacknote:matrix.orgюл (tab)i have any backup05:37:37
@blacknote:matrix.orgюл (tab)*some backup05:43:12
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23 May 2024
@telegram_46465644:tchncs.deFred Klier (Telegram)Redacted or Malformed Event14:32:11
@telegram_1043214976:tchncs.deTuomas Airaksinen (Telegram) New video: "Developer diaries: Making of Export & Import StudyPad(s)" https://andbible.org/2024/05/23/developer-diaries-making-of-export-import-studypads/ 17:04:44
25 May 2024
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26 May 2024
@anonymousperson1:matrix.orgAnonymous OnlineChrist is lord00:01:51
@anonymousperson1:matrix.orgAnonymous Online Jews, Muslims, and atheists need to learn this 00:02:03
@telegram_2087565343:tchncs.deDana Bell (Telegram)When I try to enter a reference in study pads the background and text are both black.15:43:16
@telegram_2087565343:tchncs.deDana Bell (Telegram)image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_2087565343:tchncs.deDana Bell (Telegram)How can I change this?15:47:08
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@telegram_174065541:tchncs.deTony Stark (Telegram)Hi everybody! Is it possible to do one click (maybe two clicks) dictionary search? Example: I click on David and it shows the definition of David inside ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) in a new window?18:28:49
@tuomas3:matrix.orgTuomas AiraksinenProbably a bug18:34:20

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