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16 Sep 2019
19:08:47@andre-richter:matrix.organdre-richterSure, will copy / paste my point to github 👍️
19:09:39@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Sounds good, thanks!
19:26:12@andre-richter:matrix.organdre-richter Thinking about this, the traditional OS mutex should be called SleepLock instead.
19:26:45@andre-richter:matrix.organdre-richterbut I think its too late to rectify this :D
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19:58:07@freenode_earlz:matrix.orgearlz I think I might be able to heavily adapt cortex-m-quickstart to do what I'm wanting on x86
20:32:36@reitermarkus:matrix.orgreitermarkusCould someone review https://github.com/rust-embedded/cross/pull/318 and https://github.com/rust-embedded/cross/pull/320? Thanks.
21:00:07@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprof earlz: Have you seen phil-opps blog?
21:01:04@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprof earlz: https://os.phil-opp.com/
21:20:42@freenode_earlz:matrix.orgearlzI have, the gap between OS dev and embedded is what is throwing me for a loop
21:21:05@freenode_earlz:matrix.orgearlz Also the fact that I'm using i686 rather than x86_64
21:21:10@freenode_earlz:matrix.orgearlzVery few OS dev things covering i686 for Rust
21:21:55@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofI thought the blog was covering i686 as well.
21:23:17@therealprof:matrix.orgtherealprofphil-opp is also doing ARM stuff...
22:15:45@michal.fita:matrix.orgMichał FitaI see there is PAC for Apollo 3 used by SparkFun Artemis project... does anyone heard about any plans for HAL implementation?
22:16:23@bjc_:matrix.orgbjci would like a debugger that works properly with this dumb samd21g18 board
22:16:53@bjc_:matrix.orgbjci've gone through three, and they all have issues. oddly enough, the one that works best is an st-link knock off, but it requires some openocd patching
22:16:55@michal.fita:matrix.orgMichał Fitadebugger in HW sense? or SW sense?
22:17:17@bjc_:matrix.orgbjci think i've got one left coming from china before i have to start spending real money~
22:17:53@michal.fita:matrix.orgMichał FitaI don't have anything with SAMD to try J-Links I have access to
22:18:32@bjc_:matrix.orgbjci'm trying to use daplink atm
17 Sep 2019
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02:44:10@freenode_hanson:matrix.org@freenode_hanson:matrix.orgЗдрасти всем!
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