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20 Jan 2020
22:14:54@mcbridejc:matrix.orgmcbridejc And I think that at least some of it could go away if I instead provide boxed traits instead of fully defined types.
22:15:13@mcbridejc:matrix.orgmcbridejcBut I haven't fully fleshed that out yet
22:15:22@jschievink:matrix.orgjschievinkyou can put them as associated type behind a driver-specific trait
22:17:54@yatekii:matrix.orgyatekiiagreed, that hides some of the type insanity :D
22:22:18@mcbridejc:matrix.orgmcbridejcI don't follow. What type are you proposing could have associated types?
22:23:43@jschievink:matrix.orgjschievink mcbridejc: define a custom trait that has all the types you need as associated types
22:24:00@jschievink:matrix.orgjschievinkeg. https://jonas-schievink.github.io/rubble/rubble/config/trait.Config.html
22:28:24@mcbridejc:matrix.orgmcbridejcAh, thank you for the example
22:30:32@yatekii:matrix.orgyatekiihmm does anyone know if there is a way to store a function handle in a const?
22:31:03@heroic_katora:matrix.orgHeroicKatora As yatekii said there is static-alloc which provides a bump allocator that basically serves memory from the .bss segment.
22:32:55@heroic_katora:matrix.orgHeroicKatoraI would be glad about feedback from people trying to use it in embedded
23:02:21@dbrgn:matrix.orgDaniloUsing the blue pill, it seems that enabling PA0 and PA3 doesn't work with the stm32f103xx hal. PA1 and PA2 work. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
23:26:08@dbrgn:matrix.orgDaniloNever mind, I destroyed the GPIO pins when the controller for the nixie tube blew up :D
23:26:26@thalesfragoso:matrix.orgthalesfragoso Danilo: I just checked some old projects, and I have used all those pins without any problems...
21 Jan 2020
00:33:18@freenode_adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreig jschievink: i hoped that would be the deref issue rather than empty loop, but i'll take it :p
00:34:22@jschievink:matrix.orgjschievinkadamgreig (@freenode_adamgreig:matrix.org): a deref soundness bug?
00:34:42@freenode_adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreig the problem we have where if you have a &bla it might get read any time
00:35:09@freenode_adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigcausing our underlying mmio abstraction to be potentially troublesome for side-effecting reads
00:35:10@jschievink:matrix.orgjschievink Ah, that's not a rust bug
00:35:31@freenode_adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreignevertheless i was hopeful it might somehow have been fixed :p
00:44:46@thalesfragoso:matrix.orgthalesfragosobtw, is there any ongoing work on that ? It seems like a problem that should be solved before 1.0ing things
00:45:10@thalesfragoso:matrix.orgthalesfragosoI mean the problem with VolatileCell and mmio stuff
02:29:59@freenode_adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreiglittle announcement, https://github.com/stm32-rs/stm32-rs-nightlies now exists and contains up-to-date builds of the stm32-rs crates
02:30:09@freenode_adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigso you can depend on it from cargo.toml and you can view generated source in your browser
02:41:06@jacobrosenthal:matrix.orgjacobrosenthalWell done. Stm32 team is always pushing the bounds.
03:45:34@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloo_ adamgreig: I'd be interested to have a discussion about https://github.com/rust-embedded/embedded-hal/issues/172 on the next meeting
03:48:11@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloo_I know I'm expected to add a comment for that, but I'm not sure what state the rfc has to reach to be discussed.
03:48:32@baloo_:matrix.orgbaloo_that's something I'm hacking around a bit myself and I'd be interested in pushing forward

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