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22 Oct 2021
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192
pls share info

Share some coins with someone! Two things to note: Your account cannot be new to using the bot to share, and there are taxes taken out depending on how much you are sharing.

pls share <@user> <quantity>

share, give

Normie: 10s
Donor: 5s

Permissions Needed:
sendMessages, readMessageHistory

Usage Syntax: <required> [optional]

@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Pls help 15:38:36
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192

Check your coin balance, or someone elses. Shows pocket and bank.
Rob someone's bank storage!
Beg strangers for coins, and some items if you're lucky!
Play and bet against the bot in blackjack!
Buy currency items from the shop!
Compare yourself with another user.
Commit a crime for a chance to win some coins (and a chance to die)!
Get some coins daily, and build up a daily streak!

pls help <cmd> to see more details ─ Page 1 of 6

@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael I think i have to sell it to u 15:39:11
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Idk 15:39:12
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael I'm in passive and it won't let me trade or anything 15:39:25
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Pls vote 15:39:30
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192
Vote for Dank Memer

Banknote x3
Daily Box x1
Coins ⏣ 50,000

@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael If you vote daily u get 6 every 12 hours 15:55:12
@_discord_573201138401280001:t2bot.ioNotFlawffles joined the room.16:24:31
@_discord_469936380009775114:t2bot.iojaanstra#9707 changed their display name from jaanstra to jaanstra#9707.20:00:00
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23 Oct 2021
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Pls work 00:07:46
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192 shadow got hoes in diff areacode Click the buttons in correct order! 00:07:46
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192 * shadow got hoes in diff areacode Click the buttons in correct order! 00:07:51
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192

Great work!
You were given ⏣ 33,600 for an hour of work.
+5% poster item bonus

Working as a Pharmacist

@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Pls dig 00:08:00
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192 LMAO you found nothing in the ground. SUCKS TO BE YOU! 00:08:00
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Pls hunt 00:08:03
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192 You went hunting in the woods and brought back NOTHING! 😆 00:08:03
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Pls fish 00:08:05
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192 You cast out your line and brought back 1 Garbage ! 00:08:05
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Pls pm 00:08:09
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192

Pick a meme to post to the internet!
Hopefully people will like it and give you some $$$$, but it's also possible they hate it and BREAK YOUR LAPTOP.

@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRachael Pls dep all 00:08:23
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192 ⏣ 2,415 deposited, current bank balance is ⏣ 8,781,790. 00:08:24
@_discord_886961362629165057:t2bot.ioDream. joined the room.06:59:00
@_discord_352815334450921474:t2bot.ioEw_iww changed their display name from RiznicUr to Ew_iww#3039.12:14:37
@_discord_352815334450921474:t2bot.ioEw_iww changed their display name from Ew_iww#3039 to Ew_iww.12:14:41

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