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10 Apr 2021
@mikmiki:matrix.orgMkiIk babe16:12:42
@mikmiki:matrix.orgMkiAnyone else? Finding for active mutuals16:12:53
@mjtwelve:matrix.org@mjtwelve:matrix.orgThere's not much 16:13:24
@mikmiki:matrix.orgMkiSome are online but only seen16:19:32
11 Apr 2021
@duebendorf:matrix.orgduebendorf joined the room.16:20:44
@mjtwelve:matrix.org@mjtwelve:matrix.org Heyleoh11 19:32:38
@leoh11:matrix.orgleoh11 mjtwelve: hru? 19:32:57
@leoh11:matrix.orgleoh11 mjtwelve: i'm discovering the room, s it a chat place? how can i chat with others? 19:36:35
@heretofore:matrix.orgheretofore leoh11 just click (or tap) on a person's avatar and select "direct message". That's basically the same as a group chat with just two participants. 19:40:07
@leoh11:matrix.orgleoh11 heretofore: oh ok thx 19:40:51
@heretofore:matrix.orgheretoforeYou're welcome. Good luck! 😀19:42:29
@leoh11:matrix.orgleoh11 heretofore: how can i know who s online? 19:43:13
@heretofore:matrix.orgheretoforeYou can't. But you can see if others have read your message.19:44:09
@leoh11:matrix.orgleoh11 heretofore: oh ok 19:44:35
@heretofore:matrix.orgheretoforeYou can try setting up a direct conversation with me for more information. Then we're not talking too much off topic here....19:46:25
@leoh11:matrix.orgleoh11ok thx19:46:46
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12 Apr 2021
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14 Apr 2021
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