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23 Mar 2018
13:02:18@wardrop:matrix.orgMatthew Wardrop changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
20:43:50@wardrop:matrix.orgMatthew Wardrop invited @danfrankj:matrix.orgdanfrankj.
20:48:22@wardrop:matrix.orgMatthew Wardrop set a profile picture.
21:04:18@danfrankj:matrix.orgdanfrankj joined the room.
24 Mar 2018
00:18:17@danfrankj:matrix.orgdanfrankj set a profile picture.
6 Apr 2018
03:24:38@danfrankj:matrix.orgdanfrankj Hey Matthew Wardrop should we release a minor version of omniduct. I've got users over here who are running into issues with the None bug we just fixed in presto
03:25:42@danfrankj:matrix.orgdanfrankjalso, what do you think about linking this page to the Github README
05:19:39@wardrop:matrix.orgMatthew Wardrop Hey Dan! I've pushed out v0.7.0, with the major version change due to some changes in default behaviour around usernames and hosts.
05:20:15@wardrop:matrix.orgMatthew Wardrop I don't think it will affect anyone, but just making sure.
05:20:29@wardrop:matrix.orgMatthew WardropDo you think that this is a good channel?
7 Apr 2018
00:29:27@danfrankj:matrix.orgdanfrankjIt's nice to have some channel for potential realtime communication
24 Feb 2019
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