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9 Oct 2021
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13 Oct 2021
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14 Oct 2021
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16 Oct 2021
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17 Oct 2021
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18 Oct 2021
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@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 great language 14:57:35
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis lidepla is so goddamn hao 17:30:42
@_discord_291295913950052353:t2bot.ioRobdolf#2499 uh oh they're back again 18:56:40
@_discord_677652854835642378:t2bot.iosen-mik#1055 Lidepla es zuy hao, it es tanto damna-shatam hao! 19:04:58
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19 Oct 2021
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 https://tenor.com/view/keanu-reeves-glasses-off-cyberpunk2077-gif-14311112 04:50:25
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 you know, you won’t confuse lidepla with spanish 17:28:56
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis the symmetry of "muy" and "zuy" is nice to me. although zuy is not how it's pronounced in mandarin lol 17:29:31
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 tbh departures from mandarin pronunciation matches departures from english pronunciation 17:32:03
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis but like tbf they could've easily done "zwei" 17:32:21
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 it feels natural given that mispronouncing would be normal in a real auxlang 17:32:25
@_discord_736254306134523965:t2bot.iotrosel#0574 is there any other zw- word? you should post that on lidepla fb page 17:32:45
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis hmm 17:33:42
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis /dzuj/ "dzooy" is quite different from /dzwei/ "dzway" tho 17:36:01
@_discord_677652854835642378:t2bot.iosen-mik#1055 yeah, I went with "swey" for the most and "suy" for more in Mela but still not sure if that was the right thing to do 17:37:06
@_discord_241724001284521984:t2bot.ioellipsis what is mela's phonetic inventory 17:39:27
@_discord_677652854835642378:t2bot.iosen-mik#1055 What you see as basic words on the website 17:53:41
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