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30 Sep 2022
@_discord_431177129196257290:t2bot.ioScienceCrafter yoshi, he lekti yo dwa chapta de syao prinsa en lidepla 04:46:29
@_discord_826061108364312626:t2bot.ioChristianSi i know, but i don't speak lidepla 🙁 04:53:16
@_discord_431177129196257290:t2bot.ioScienceCrafter i literally started learning this lang yesterday
skill issue
@_discord_431177129196257290:t2bot.ioScienceCrafter :troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll::troll: 04:55:10
@_discord_431177129196257290:t2bot.ioScienceCrafter to be fair i already know like two thirds of the source languages (to varying degrees)
and i've probably already spent like 8 hours total studying it
@_discord_431177129196257290:t2bot.ioScienceCrafter me ve lerni toy lingwa pa ver 14:24:56
@_discord_431177129196257290:t2bot.ioScienceCrafter iven si it noutile 14:26:15
@_discord_431177129196257290:t2bot.ioScienceCrafter *hampi noutile, bikos me haishi mog shwo kun yu jente, e it ve helpi me lerni hindi e arabi 14:34:00
@_discord_923723525632708608:t2bot.ioerjish se es hao! 🙂 16:35:17
@_discord_585555103998541832:t2bot.iozigguratt joined the room.22:09:15
1 Oct 2022
@_discord_806608196406870027:t2bot.ioKasimir#5258 changed their profile picture.01:12:33
@_discord_903402600752349204:t2bot.ioMfumu changed their profile picture.14:31:20
@_discord_903402600752349204:t2bot.ioMfumu changed their display name from Mfumu#0438 to Mfumu.14:31:27
2 Oct 2022
@_discord_431177129196257290:t2bot.ioScienceCrafter namastee a oli 06:40:12
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor namastee 12:49:07
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor komo yu sta? 12:49:11
@_discord_731624143170306109:t2bot.ioMelkor me sta hao 16:08:57
@_discord_923723525632708608:t2bot.ioerjish namastee! 🙂 mi toshi hao. 19:18:41
@_discord_923723525632708608:t2bot.ioerjish https://youtu.be/ZN3VLBsJOCI – I did actually watch this one. a bit silly. 🙂 I guess you know about there being a number of videos with tales in Lidepla. 21:21:12
3 Oct 2022
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iola’atruisi changed their display name from cappuccino to la’atruisi#9309.02:52:52
@_discord_810446384192421888:t2bot.iola’atruisi changed their display name from la’atruisi#9309 to la’atruisi.02:52:59
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5 Oct 2022
@_discord_656158865876058132:t2bot.ioBabilinx joined the room.15:12:47
6 Oct 2022
@doctor1:matrix.orgGreat Gatsby joined the room.07:06:11
@_discord_936862501121962015:t2bot.io小夜莺 I think I'll be learning Lidepla again (finally!)
because I've got enough time to tackle its basic grammar.
@_discord_677652854835642378:t2bot.iosen-mik#1055 me wud joi si ldp hev pyu videos kun otre aksenta, audi ruski aksenta es mushkile fo me (me es ruski) 16:24:16
@_discord_923723525632708608:t2bot.ioerjish me bu samaji 'mushkile' 🥴 20:41:55
@_discord_677652854835642378:t2bot.iosen-mik#1055 bikos it es "difficult" tu samaji 😁 20:58:34
@_discord_923723525632708608:t2bot.ioerjish aha, mushkile es 'dificult'! (right? :)) 21:36:54
@_discord_923723525632708608:t2bot.ioerjish * aha, mushkile es 'difficult'! (right? :)) 21:37:03

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