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28 Sep 2022
@nik:matrix.teckids.orgNik | Klampfradler 🎸🚴🏻 Thib: Is there a visible backlog of talks somewhere? I am curious when my talk originally planned for May might happen. 08:22:20
@thib:ergaster.orgThib Nik | Klampfradler 🎸🚴🏻 do you mean upcoming talks? 08:23:27
@nik:matrix.teckids.orgNik | Klampfradler 🎸🚴🏻Yes08:39:59
@thib:ergaster.orgThibWe don't have public list of upcoming talks, but let's DM!08:40:50
@nik:matrix.teckids.orgNik | Klampfradler 🎸🚴🏻Last I asked you said you were going through the backlog of talks that had been scheduled before OTWSU was paused. My talk was planned for the second next OTWSU before the break, so I am wondering08:41:01
@kim:sosnowkadub.deHarHarLinkswould you like to update the countdown widget?10:37:29
@simonb:element.ioΕ imon Brandner changed their display name from Ε imon Brandner (away => 2022-09-28) to Ε imon Brandner.10:52:12
Custom widget removed by @thib:ergaster.orgThib10:54:39
Custom widget added by @thib:ergaster.orgThib10:54:43
@hughns:matrix.orgHugh joined the room.11:29:55
@coy-leek-pro:decentralised.cafeCoy Leek Pro joined the room.12:54:52
@coy-leek-pro:decentralised.cafeCoy Leek Pro set a profile picture.14:18:41
@thib:ergaster.orgThibOh whoa whoa whoa it's in 45 minutes already!15:13:19
@nik:matrix.teckids.orgNik | Klampfradler 🎸🚴🏻Where can I find the stream without using Google?15:55:04
@nik:matrix.teckids.orgNik | Klampfradler 🎸🚴🏻Ah, there's a widget15:55:55
@jplatte:flipdot.orgJonas PlatteStream has started! (but is only showing the banner right now)16:00:31
@jplatte:flipdot.orgJonas Platte I see a Thib! πŸ‘‹ 16:01:45
@jplatte:flipdot.orgJonas PlatteYou're not muted :D16:01:55
@thib:ergaster.orgThibHow is guests audio?16:03:58
@jplatte:flipdot.orgJonas PlatteVery good :)16:04:06
@thib:ergaster.orgThibFantastic, they all have a good setup16:04:17
@kgnet88:mozilla.orgkgnet88can we zoom the text a bit, its not readable... ?16:06:21
@thib:ergaster.orgThib kgnet88 sorry there's a bit of delay, jens had finished the demo when you posted the message 16:07:28
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@kgnet88:mozilla.orgkgnet88LDAP is also used to save company specific rules and configurations, so much more than identity... 16:18:39
@diroots:matrix.orgdirootswhy does authentik list that keycloak do not support ldap ? 16:19:00
@nik:matrix.teckids.orgNik | Klampfradler 🎸🚴🏻I often hear that SAML is better than OIDC, but in my experience it is just more complicated and heavyweight. Can you as an expert tell me something about it? What do I miss out on when using OIDC rather than SMAL?16:20:33
@kim:sosnowkadub.deHarHarLinks😱 I missed the start maybe we need a room ping bot16:24:20

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