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14 Jan 2019
15:37:36@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt ShinThe answer to the Unicode problem is Python 3.7: https://docs.python.org/3/whatsnew/3.7.html#pep-538-legacy-c-locale-coercion
15 Jan 2019
10:36:20@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimI've just done
  • rose config-diff
  • rose config-dump
  • rose env-cat
  • rose namelist-dump
10:37:20@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimOn the whole rather easier that the first 2. (Ok, config dump ran without any tweaking!)
10:38:12@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimThe diff for the sum total of my changes is here: https://github.com/wxtim/rose/compare/PYTHON3FORK_run_2to3_base...wxtim:PYTHON3FORK_run_2to3_fix_rose_config_diff_dump?expand=1
10:40:11@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimI'm going to have a look at an unreleated problem then come back and read my code - I expect to have some things to say about it, given my level of background ken of the software - I expect I'll seem some things I've done that I don't like.
10:41:50@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt Shin👍
11:28:22@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt Shinhttp://lucumr.pocoo.org/2014/5/12/everything-about-unicode/ A good summary of the issue. The article is quite old now, but is still relevant until we get to Python 3.7.
14:42:23@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt Shin

On python versus python2 versus python3 commands, see https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0394/#migration-notes

Recommend that we only use python3 command to launch Python 3.X logic.

17:04:25@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimHaving started reviewing my work on this so far I've noticed that ill-advised use of sed has created a bigger diff than really sensible. I'm going to sort this out tomorrow, but the files that really require looking at in my PR https://github.com/wxtim/rose/pull/2/files are the ones in lib/python.
17:05:33@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimDon't worry about it too much because the diff is horrid.
16 Jan 2019


17:06:06@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimI've reached a point where I'd really like a first-line review of my Rose python3 porting - https://github.com/wxtim/rose/pull/4
17:07:09@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimWhat I'd particularly like is commentary on which rose apps that aren't blocked by cylc I have missed.
17:07:22@wxtim:matrix.orgwxtimI believe that I have the tests for the following apps passing
  • rose config
  • rose app-run
  • rose config-diff
  • rose config-dump
  • rose env-cat
  • rose namelist-dump
  • rose metadata-check (although I'm not convinced because it says skipped for all tests)
  • rose metadata-gen
  • rose metadata-graph
  • rose host-select
17 Jan 2019
17:43:30@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie BartholomewFor info, I've just encountered the first issue not picked up by 2to3 from within the subset of files I am looking at.rose reporter uses the module 'Queue', which has been (drastically) renamed to 'queue' for Python 3. There are 3 other files which 'import Queue' (see this via grep), but only 1 which isn't under 'rose/gtk/' (rosie/browser/status.py).
17:44:31@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie Bartholomew@tim
17:44:57@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie BartholomewOops (ignore the '@tim', accidentally pressed enter prematurely)
17:49:18@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie Bartholomew wxtim: so you are aware, the files (which I'll describe by 'import-style' tags) I have been working on are: * rosie.ws, rosie.db, rosie.suite_id, rose.resource & rose.host_select. Unfortunately I see you looked at host_select too, though it was a trivial one to convert unless I learn otherwise later on, so as duplication goes this is quite harmless. Sorry, however, for incorrectly saying I was only touching non-rosie 'rose' files before, I did need to port those two rose files which get imported by rosie.ws .
17:50:21@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie Bartholomew@wxtim if you ever want to see what files I am changing just take a look at the URL for the branch I sent you.
18:01:48@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie Bartholomew[@wxtim, with apologies for repeated messages] I'm now hitting issues in imports for files which are listed under those you have addressed above, which it would be silly to address since you have already looked at & solved them. So, if you don't mind, early tomorrow we should discuss & agree a strategy for utilising each others work. I will only need (& want) to use certain ported files, not all of them (to prevent the chance of unrelated complications).
21:39:29@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt Shin For rosie.ws... It should be possible to use socket.gethostname or something like that instead of rose.host_select to get the host name.
21:40:36@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt Shin rose.reporter's usage of Queue can just be removed. The only place that uses the class that uses Queue is from a GTK-based module.
21:41:29@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt ShinSo you can just remove that code.
21:43:23@matthewrmshin:matrix.orgMatt ShinI would like to discuss strategy in how to partition Rose and Rosie to facilitate future packaging and deployment.
18 Jan 2019
12:26:23@sadielbartholomew:matrix.orgSadie Bartholomew[discussed offline]

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