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Use, https://lemmy.ml/c/unitedkingdom, instead of reddit! Does anyone want to partner up other services? Bridge a telegram/discord into this room? Want to have your ig in the description? Have a signal/lemmy group? Contact me. tags: scotland, uk, elizabeth, northern ireland, britain, wales, great britain, england, boris johnson, bojo5 Servers

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14 Feb 2021
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hyper hi
@pyrowick552:matrix.orgpyrowick552 changed their profile picture.06:37:34
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Hi! 👋08:32:40
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hyper hi
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_ pyrowick552: do you live in the UK? 11:35:16
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_I'm in the SW.11:57:48
In reply to@pyrowick552:matrix.org
hyper usa
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Ever been to the UK?11:58:58
@pyrowick552:matrix.orgpyrowick552no i would love to go but if i ever get there im ot leaveing12:03:40
@pyrowick552:matrix.orgpyrowick552your country beautiful12:04:27
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Agreed. :-) That's what happened to me: I left Canada for what was supposed to be three years. That was 11 years ago!12:07:24
21 Feb 2021
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23 Feb 2021
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26 Feb 2021
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5 Mar 2021
9 Mar 2021
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20 Mar 2021
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23 Mar 2021
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@caffeinated-dinosaur:matrix.orgcaffeinated-dinosauranyone alive?11:00:06
24 Mar 2021
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