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20 Oct 2018
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06:44:00@freenode_dmj`:matrix.orgdmj` (IRC)hpc shows a blank coverage report when using doCoverage
06:46:47@freenode_dmj`:matrix.orgdmj` (IRC)any idea how to get a coverage report using nix
06:51:01@freenode_sphalerite:matrix.orgsphalerite (IRC) I've managed to get a nix daemon running with a chroot store as far as I can tell by running NIX_STATE_DIR=/tmp/root/state /tmp/nix/bin/nix-daemon --daemon --store /tmp/root
06:51:12@freenode_sphalerite:matrix.orgsphalerite (IRC)How can I get nix to use this daemon rather than the system daemon?
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07:10:12@freenode_sphalerite:matrix.orgsphalerite (IRC)ok I needed to pass the same NIX_STATE_DIR and NIX_REMOTE=daemon to the client process
07:10:32@freenode_sphalerite:matrix.orgsphalerite (IRC) ummm actually building stuff doesn't work
07:11:06@freenode_sphalerite:matrix.orgsphalerite (IRC) error: while setting up the build environment: getting attributes of path '': No such file or directory
07:11:16@freenode_sphalerite:matrix.orgsphalerite (IRC)If anyone knows how to proceed please do let me know :)
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07:20:54@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC)[nixpkgs] @Amar1729 opened pull request #48738 → Init/argp standalone → https://git.io/fxoag
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07:40:33@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC)[nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed 223 commits to staging-next: https://git.io/fxoVO
07:40:52@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC)[nixpkgs] @FRidh opened pull request #48739 → Merge staging-next into master → https://git.io/fxoV3
07:40:55@freenode_Mic92:matrix.orgMic92 (IRC) joined the room.
07:42:24@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC) [nixpkgs] @Mic92 merged pull request #48716 → mattermost: 5.3.0 -> 5.4.0 → https://git.io/fxrSD
07:42:25@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC)[nixpkgs] @Mic92 pushed 2 commits to master: https://git.io/fxoVn
07:47:55@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC)[nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed 225 commits to staging: https://git.io/fxoV0
07:49:56@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC)[nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @danieldk to master « libtensorflow: add pkgconfig file »: https://git.io/fxoVg
07:49:57@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC)[nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #48704 → libtensorflow: add pkgconfig file → https://git.io/fxrtv
07:52:33@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC) [nixpkgs] @FRidh merged pull request #48713 → file: 5.34 -> 5.35 → https://git.io/fxrRx
07:52:34@freenode_{^_^}:matrix.org{^_^} (IRC) [nixpkgs] @FRidh pushed commit from @dywedir to staging « file: 5.34 -> 5.35 »: https://git.io/fxoVK
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