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15 Dec 2017
04:57:17@bhipple:matrix.brocialize.combhipple http://anderspapitto.com/posts/2015-02-28-deb-installation-nixos.html
This is a similar tutorial, which shows how to use pre-built and packaged .debs unmodified on NixOS
04:59:57@freenode_Nol:matrix.orgNol (IRC)thanks for the resources
05:00:26@freenode_yegortimoshenko:matrix.orgyegortimoshenko (IRC) i think that doing that for escape hatch scenario is more trouble than it's worth
05:01:07@freenode_yegortimoshenko:matrix.orgyegortimoshenko (IRC)buildFHSUserEnv is mostly for running proprietary software
05:07:12@freenode_phreedom:matrix.orgphreedom (IRC) joined the room.
05:22:46@freenode_Fare:matrix.orgFare (IRC) What's wrong with having optional symlinks from /bin to /run/current-system/sw/bin or some such?
05:23:21@freenode_Fare:matrix.orgFare (IRC) wouldn't that allow a lot of third-party software to run no worse than it does anywhere else, while preserving purity for nix software?
05:24:09@freenode_Nol:matrix.orgNol (IRC)my guess is that would make introduction of hidden dependencies much easier
05:24:52@freenode_Fare:matrix.orgFare (IRC) one of my "copious free time" projects is to implement the nix language in Scheme, so we can merge Nix and Guix or some such.
05:25:18@freenode_Fare:matrix.orgFare (IRC)Nol: not when building packages in a sandbox.
05:26:53@freenode_Fare:matrix.orgFare (IRC)Nol: it would just be an option for cheap interop with foreign-built binaries.
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06:15:19@freenode_NixOS_GitHub:matrix.orgNixOS_GitHub (IRC) [nixpkgs] alesguzik opened pull request #32698: bitwig: 2.1.3 -> 2.2.2 (master...update-bitwig) https://git.io/vbwHX
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06:18:23@freenode_NixOS_GitHub:matrix.orgNixOS_GitHub (IRC) [nixpkgs] alesguzik opened pull request #32699: skypeforlinux: -> (master...skype-update) https://git.io/vbwH7
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