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26 Mar 2019
23:43:18@freenode_marler8997:matrix.orgmarler8997Hello, This is an automated message from Nix community to let you know that your posts have been temporarily hidden because they were flagged by the community. As a precautionary measure, your new account has been silenced and will be unable to create replies or topics until a staff member can review your account. We apologize for the inconvenience. For additional guidance, please refer to our community guidelines.
23:50:31@freenode_=7b^_^=7d:matrix.org=7b^_^=7d [nixpkgs] @dtzWill merged pull request #58388 → gpgme: 1.12.0 -> 1.13.0 → https://git.io/fjUaH
23:50:33@freenode_=7b^_^=7d:matrix.org=7b^_^=7d[nixpkgs] @dtzWill pushed 2 commits to staging: https://git.io/fjUiO
23:50:43@freenode_christianpoveda:matrix.orgchristianpoveda left the room.
23:52:56@freenode_samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr:( marler8997, looks like the hosted discourse instance has been eating a lot of newer people posts (and even not newer members!)
23:53:24@freenode_marler8997:matrix.orgmarler8997 well it says mine was remove because of "community flags"
23:53:30@freenode_marler8997:matrix.orgmarler8997so it looks like someone flagged my posts
23:53:33@freenode_marler8997:matrix.orgmarler8997and now my account it on hold
23:54:25@freenode_samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldr gchristensen: around? I thought trust level "leader" would be enough to unflag, and see those held posts, but apparently not :/
23:58:40@freenode_samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrhm, apparently I should be able to unhide it, but discourse seems to be having an issue
23:59:56@freenode_samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrkinda annoying from the software to retroactively hide the post :/
27 Mar 2019
00:00:09@freenode_samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrall of your posts!
00:00:11@freenode_marler8997:matrix.orgmarler8997well, if it was flagged by a community member it makes sense
00:00:55@freenode_marler8997:matrix.orgmarler8997we should find out who flagged them and ask why they did
00:02:20@freenode_jackdk:matrix.orgjackdk joined the room.
00:02:21@freenode_jackdk:matrix.orgjackdkis there a release date for 19.03 yet?
00:03:40@freenode_samueldr:matrix.orgsamueldrsphalerite ^
00:06:12@freenode_joepie91:matrix.org@freenode_joepie91:matrix.org left the room.
00:09:14@freenode_romanofskiWork:matrix.orgromanofskiWork is anyone using nix-shell for Python work? I'm wondering how to install packages in develop mode or what the workflow actually is to make it work
00:10:03@freenode_=7b^_^=7d:matrix.org=7b^_^=7d [nixpkgs] @andersk opened pull request #58417 → or-tools: 6.10 -> 7.0, add Python bindings → https://git.io/fjUiR
00:12:15@freenode_jackdk:matrix.orgjackdkromanofskiWork: Not I, but have you seen https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#developing-with-python ?
00:12:30@freenode_sveitser:matrix.orgsveitser romanofskiWork: I'm using buildPythonPackage with "src = ./.;" in my shell.nix
00:12:33@freenode_simpson:matrix.orgsimpson romanofskiWork: The workflow depends on what you're developing, likely. https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#developing-with-python explains how to do local development as with traditional Python tooling.
00:15:07@freenode_christianpoveda:matrix.orgchristianpoveda joined the room.
00:15:14@freenode_romanofskiWork:matrix.orgromanofskiWorkah yep I read through it.. it also mentions: Development mode ... and I thought.. huh do I invoke my nix-shell wrong or what am I doing
00:15:28@freenode_romanofskiWork:matrix.orgromanofskiWork I'll have a closer look
00:15:36@freenode_romanofskiWork:matrix.orgromanofskiWorkperhaps I messed something up

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