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24 May 2024
@_slack_taloscommunity_U06GNPZ43SR:matrix.orgJustin Garrison These are both talos 1.7.2? 17:47:24
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters correct:
       disk: /dev/mmcblk0
       image: ghcr.io/siderolabs/installer:v1.7.2
@_slack_taloscommunity_U06GNPZ43SR:matrix.orgJustin Garrison If you add those config options and apply-config does it work? 17:48:51
@_slack_taloscommunity_U06GNPZ43SR:matrix.orgJustin Garrison Token is autogenerated but that’s weird it would work differently in both cases 17:49:31
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters I will verify, I don't know why the interactive run is type init and not controlplane 17:49:33
@_slack_taloscommunity_U06GNPZ43SR:matrix.orgJustin Garrison This is one of those interesting bugs 🐞 17:49:42
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters yeah I expect token key and cert to differ between the two 17:49:54
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters because the interactive generates it's own vs talos gen config 17:50:21
@_slack_taloscommunity_U06GNPZ43SR:matrix.orgJustin Garrison How do you get to the interactive installer. I’ve never actually used it 17:50:59
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters
talosctl apply-config --nodes --mode=interactive --insecure
@_slack_taloscommunity_U06GNPZ43SR:matrix.orgJustin Garrison I think a GitHub issue would be good at this point. I’m assuming Andrey has ideas of why it might be broken but it’s his weekend already and I don’t want to nerd snipe him 17:53:02
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters can do, I'll document as best as I can 17:53:20
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters thanks for all your help so far 17:53:43
@_slack_taloscommunity_U06B8V68LFM:matrix.orgRam Ok, i suspect this is happening due to adding two extensions to the talos 1.6.6 I created a brand new cluster with ZFS and iSCSi extensions installed with hugepages config. it was all good as long as i had only ZFS. As soon as the other extension and hugepages config is added to the workers, this 0 storage issue occurs again. should we not have both of these extensions in the same cluster? 19:25:49
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters hello again, got back from lunch and decided to try one more time and it appears that this issue is somehow related to the networking block that I had:
      - interface: enxd83add411b87
        dhcp: false
          - network:
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters not sure which piece here is the problem but k9s is now working once again so i'll have to track that guy down 20:43:29
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters preliminary results point to the address being and not as clarified by talosctl get addresses and looking for the interface 20:55:51
@_slack_taloscommunity_U06GNPZ43SR:matrix.orgJustin Garrison that's weird 21:21:19
@_slack_taloscommunity_U05CL0NSZEE:matrix.orgMichael Peters :nodding: 22:15:53
25 May 2024
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@_slack_taloscommunity_U06B8V68LFM:matrix.orgRam Could i please request for some help here? as soon as i add ZFS extension to my Talos cluster, worker nodes storage goes invalid and shows 0. This is talos 1.6.6 and openEBS 4.0.1 20:08:27
26 May 2024
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27 May 2024
@_slack_taloscommunity_U072V5XVA0J:matrix.orgTim Reber Hi Everyone 🙂 I didn't find it in the Talos docs, but is it somehow possible to use Custom Api-Server Certificates for the Talos Kubernetes Cluster? And how could I do it? 06:13:05

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