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13 May 2022
@_slack_taloscommunity_U032E5TU7TK:matrix.orgRafael Ribeiro I think I will swing by the booth. :talos: 23:24:20
14 May 2022
@_slack_taloscommunity_UH76TTSBV:matrix.orgSteve Francis Please do! 01:47:07
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15 May 2022
@_slack_taloscommunity_U017CK35MFA:matrix.orgartem thanks. I see that siderolink kernel arg is not set... That's the root cause of the issue. Why it is not set is another question. I guess I will need to set it up myself and see if I can reproduce that. Have you migrated your deployment from 0.4.x or just set it up without setting siderolink environment argument? 13:37:36
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03AQ3SUX60:matrix.orgMark Glants I’ve just set it up without siderolink env i think 14:45:20
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@_slack_taloscommunity_U017CK35MFA:matrix.orgartem gotcha. Will try that then 17:57:17
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03AQ3SUX60:matrix.orgMark Glants Thx so much 21:17:18
16 May 2022
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@_slack_taloscommunity_U017CK35MFA:matrix.orgartem So that --wireguard-address=- was all good. In the end it takes API_ENDPOINT env variable, which was set before you did any changes. So it all should have worked even without any changes in the deployment... I've tried to reproduce it using the following setup:
kubectl get providers -A
NAMESPACE       NAME                    AGE   TYPE                     PROVIDER      VERSION
cabpt-system    bootstrap-talos         59m   BootstrapProvider        talos         v0.5.3
cacppt-system   control-plane-talos     59m   ControlPlaneProvider     talos         v0.4.6
capi-system     cluster-api             59m   CoreProvider             cluster-api   v1.1.3
sidero-system   infrastructure-sidero   59m   InfrastructureProvider   sidero        v0.5.0
+ used talos v1.0.3. So maybe there's another detail missing
@_slack_taloscommunity_U01HY4T0EUB:matrix.orgNico Berlee Anyone took a look at the Turing Pi 2 @ kickstarter? seems to be popular. This seems the ideal tinker platform for Talos at Home. As it supports CM4, RK3588 (is this going to be supported by the Talos Rock image?) and Jetson. 16:56:26
@_slack_taloscommunity_U01FZBZDV8C:matrix.orgaleksi A few people in #random 🙂 16:57:16
@_slack_taloscommunity_U01HY4T0EUB:matrix.orgNico Berlee ah thx, an new channek to join 🙂 17:01:51
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@shasler:stuvus.deSebastian HaslerIs it bridged to matrix?17:29:16
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03AQ3SUX60:matrix.orgMark Glants Where to search for? 20:12:25
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03AQ3SUX60:matrix.orgMark Glants Node config for installing talos? 20:12:30
@_slack_taloscommunity_U017CK35MFA:matrix.orgartem So the thing is that Sidero >= 0.5.0 is setting kernel boot arguments with siderolink.api= address : port in the boot.ipxe script it generates. It should do it unconditionally. That's how it looks like in my case:
[    0.019072] Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/A/vmlinuz talos.platform=metal talos.config= console=ttyS0 init_on_alloc=1 slab_nomerge pti=on consoleblank=0 nvme_cor
e.io_timeout=4294967295 random.trust_cpu=on printk.devkmsg=on ima_template=ima-ng ima_appraise=fix ima_hash=sha512 reboot=k panic=1 talos.shutdown=halt siderolink.api= talos.events.sink=[fd9
9:7282:6393:5b03::1]:4002 talos.logging.kernel=tcp://[fd99:7282:6393:5b03::1]:4001

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