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27 Jan 2023
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey once I have that, I would hack that into the Docker's registry... and that can run as a single container anywhere 13:16:28
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03QD7FANDN:matrix.orgSander Maijers Harbor provides a lot of functionality that would seem important to the Talos Linux user base, e.g. signed images, access control, etc. Hacking anything that will not suffice by itself but just for bootstrapping, may be less interesting than a complete solution that solves both bootstrapping and the artifact registry requirement. 13:36:22
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03QD7FANDN:matrix.orgSander Maijers There's no place to store the images ... I don't fully get that. Can't they be baked into the root filesystem (i.e., the VM image) for a given release? 13:37:29
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03QD7FANDN:matrix.orgSander Maijers Would it be doable for Talos Linux to not just support image references but full URL's with various schemes, similar to Skopeo? https://github.com/containers/skopeo/blob/main/README.md 13:38:13
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey Harbor actually does nothing interesting from my point of view, it's bloated and useless compared to the troubles installing it 13:40:14
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey but that's my 2 cents 13:40:20
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey in the end Talos fetches only two images on its own, every other images is fetched by CRI/containerd, so we are limited to what it supports 13:40:44
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03QD7FANDN:matrix.orgSander Maijers Well the bloated part, I get. My idea has always been that the concept of container image registries is overblown. It's not essential and a fragile, critical component in practice now. I see that Harbor is even more complex, but on the other hand it does things for organizations that they want. 13:41:46
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey these policies should be in-cluster, not in the registry. otherwise all security depends on a single component which can be easily hacked 13:42:39
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03QD7FANDN:matrix.orgSander Maijers It is possible to disable image fetching in the first place, rather than proxying etc.? That's truly airgapped. 13:42:42
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey registry is just a storage 13:42:47
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey I don't see how you can disable image fetching in the first place. the only way is to pre-populate the image store with necessary images, so before fetching it will use existing cache 13:43:36
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey but still Kubernetes might be configured to fetch always 13:43:45
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03QD7FANDN:matrix.orgSander Maijers Yes, that is what I mean. But also a control that makes containerd offline. 13:44:00
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey that's not how I see it... 13:44:44
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey but certainly there are different scenarios 13:45:00
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03QD7FANDN:matrix.orgSander Maijers Maybe you have long seen this, but is this relevant in thinking about design of such a feature? https://github.com/containerd/containerd/blob/main/docs/transfer.md 13:50:13
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey this is containerd 1.7+, but still containerd provides CRI plugin, and kubelet interacts with CRI plugin 13:50:51
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey so in the end interface is defined by CRI 13:51:01
@_slack_taloscommunity_U04LZJPF16Y:matrix.orgVictor Prechtel joined the room.18:35:27
@_slack_taloscommunity_U04LZJPF16Y:matrix.orgVictor Prechtel changed their display name from _slack_taloscommunity_U04LZJPF16Y to Victor Prechtel.18:35:28
@_slack_taloscommunity_U04KZSLRA59:matrix.orgMatti Suuronen Anyone using mac mini (2014) in Sidero/Talos? I have not been able to PXE boot mine yet :/ 19:53:49
@_slack_taloscommunity_UEGUHLTR9:matrix.orgAndrew Rynhard I haven’t heard of anyone doing this. 20:20:23
@_slack_taloscommunity_U02HASQJC2V:matrix.orgMichael Francis You probably need to use an alternative bootloader to make it work 20:22:45
@_slack_taloscommunity_U02HASQJC2V:matrix.orgMichael Francis I guess opencore, or the other one I can’t remember (clover?) 20:22:59
@_slack_taloscommunity_UU3PS10A1:matrix.orgMatti Suuronen I’m using refind already, and have a built a few versions of ipxe.efi. I can boot those, no problem, but ipxe drivers just fail to initialize the hw. But I will check out opencore/clover, thnx for the tip! 21:11:55
@_slack_taloscommunity_U02HASQJC2V:matrix.orgMichael Francis Refind should work too I believe but haven't tried 21:12:32
@_slack_taloscommunity_U02HASQJC2V:matrix.orgMichael Francis Although it might be some drivers you need aren't in the talos kernel who knows have you tried booting the iso normally? 21:13:07
@_slack_taloscommunity_UU3PS10A1:matrix.orgMatti Suuronen Talos iso boots ok. And I can boot linux etc through refind ok, so this would seem to be a prob with ipxe.org drivers 21:15:30
@_slack_taloscommunity_U02HASQJC2V:matrix.orgMichael Francis I assume you e seen this https://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=7323 23:29:11

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