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27 Sep 2022
@_slack_taloscommunity_U02RANWUBRV:matrix.orgElnur M. VBoxManage modifyvm talos-1 --cpuidset 00000001 000106e5 00100800 0098e3fd bfebfbff seems like VBOX commands above have no effect at all, could be a bug, as I've recently upgraded it 13:01:13
@_slack_taloscommunity_U02F5BE210U:matrix.orgGerard de Leeuw Hmm weird. I don't know much about VirtualBox unfortunately, so I hope maybe someone else knows.. 13:19:43
@_slack_taloscommunity_U043152HX7X:matrix.orgFabian B I geit "Error starting kvm device plugin" when I try to create a VM with KubeVirt in Talos. Is there anything I have to configure in order to be able to start VMs on Talos (on bare-metal)? 15:07:55
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03CLEQCB0A:matrix.orgusrbinkat Right now Kubevirt only works on up to kubernetes version 1.24.x 15:11:04
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03CLEQCB0A:matrix.orgusrbinkat They are working on patches to support 1.25 15:11:19
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03CLEQCB0A:matrix.orgusrbinkat That might be the problem? 15:11:29
@_slack_taloscommunity_U043152HX7X:matrix.orgFabian B Ah! Interesting, yes that might be the problem indeed. Im running 1.25.0. 15:11:59
@_slack_taloscommunity_U043152HX7X:matrix.orgFabian B Can I downgrade to 1.24 via talosctl? 15:12:17
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03CLEQCB0A:matrix.orgusrbinkat I do not know the answer to that myself 15:12:37
@_slack_taloscommunity_U043152HX7X:matrix.orgFabian B Let's see I just edited the image version in the controlplane and worker configs from 1.25 to 1.24 and applied it, its a test cluster anyway. 15:16:47
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@_slack_taloscommunity_U01LMJUKN9X:matrix.orgKatie Patterson Hi all! can I get a show of hands for who will be attending KubeCon North America in a few weeks? 18:10:50
28 Sep 2022
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@_slack_taloscommunity_U043152HX7X:matrix.orgFabian B I can confirm kubevirt works with Talos and k8s 1.24 thx usrbinkat 07:32:11
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey > Can I downgrade to 1.24 via talosctl? talosctl upgrade-k8s doesn't support downgrades, as it might not always be safe to do so, but yep, manual config patching works 09:15:44
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@_slack_taloscommunity_U03SUAT28HJ:matrix.orgShahaf Benita Hi all, we are running several clusters using kubeadm. we would like to use only the worker part for nodes to join to our existing cluster initiated by kubeadm (is it even possible?) I am trying to init a worker using PXE. and it does not seem to get the configuration from my http service using the following configuration: label talos menu default kernel /boot/talos-vmlinuz-amd64 initrd /boot/talos-initramfs-amd64.xz append initrd=/boot/talos-initramfs-amd64.xz init_on_alloc=1 slab_nomerge console=tty0 console=ttyS0 printk.devkmsg=on talos.platform=metal talos.config= I can see the kernel loading but it does not seem to make a request to the http server to get the worker.yaml file that I generated with talosctl. 13:47:56
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey Talos workers can't join kubeadm-based control plane nodes, as they don't have trustd Talos component. 13:50:01
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey (vice versa should work though) 13:50:10
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03SUAT28HJ:matrix.orgShahaf Benita oh got it thanks! 13:51:15
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03SUAT28HJ:matrix.orgShahaf Benita and about the configuration, do you see any reason for it not to contact the http service at boot ? 13:51:32
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey as for the config not being loaded - the easiest is to look at the console logs to see why it failed. if using regular console you can add panic=10 arg to see the message before it reboots 13:51:48
@_slack_taloscommunity_UGL0YU56H:matrix.organdrey https://www.talos.dev/v1.2/reference/kernel/#panic 13:52:14
@_slack_taloscommunity_U03SUAT28HJ:matrix.orgShahaf Benita alright, great thanks ! 13:52:20

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