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14 Dec 2019
10:12:14@spacebug:matrix.orgspacebugOk, then they have probably found a workaround 👍️
14:00:45@Mumuks:matrix.orgMumuksThe voice and video call not working after a while unless you reboot your phone is very bad and makes Riot look very amateur
14:01:11@Mumuks:matrix.orgMumuksI am trying to bring friends over but things like that make it very hard
14:15:55@dud1337:chat.138.iodud1337 joined the room.

yo. At my work we use matrix, I also self-host it. In both cases, technical and non-technical people have been really put off by the "you seem to be shaking your phone in frustration"-feature; non-technical people believing it might be malicious, rather than just stupid.

Will this feature bein riot-X? I'll be looking for relative github issues

14:28:44@dud1337:chat.138.iodud1337https://github.com/vector-im/riot-android/issues/3402 I imagine it has been brought up before, so my apologies for spiralling. cheers for the rant-toleratin'
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17:48:08@babolivier:matrix.orgBrendan Abolivier (backup) joined the room.
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19:51:28@bhaskar:matrix.orgb removed their display name b.
15 Dec 2019
04:20:03@liamolua:matrix.allmende.ioLiam Rush joined the room.
17:36:22@testingtime:matrix.orgTEST joined the room.
17:38:29@testingtime:matrix.orgTESTHey guys been trying to figure this out. How do i tag the room on
17:38:46@testingtime:matrix.orgTESTI can't figure it out for the life of me
17:42:43@wtp2018:matrix.orgaCatWhat do you mean by "tag the room on" ? In Settings you can turn notifications on, for example (what client app do you use?)
17:43:21@testingtime:matrix.orgTESTNo as in tag everyone in the room
17:43:33@testingtime:matrix.orgTEST@ room
17:43:38@testingtime:matrix.orgTESTDoesnt work on
17:43:56@testingtime:matrix.orgTESTWhy cant i type an
17:44:33@testingtime:matrix.orgTESTWtf a n d r o i d lol I can't alert the whole
17:46:20@wtp2018:matrix.orgaCatIt's a privileged command, in this room you don't have the status, but in your own room, you can do it, I believe.
17:47:24@testingtime:matrix.orgTESTWorks fine on the desktop client doesn't seem to be a way to do it on a n d r o i
17:50:55@tulir:maunium.nettulirjust type @room

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