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21 Jul 2022
@tohe:matrix.orgtohe joined the room.10:36:05
@tohe:matrix.orgtoheis there anyway to test autocmds?10:36:35
In reply to @tohe:matrix.org
is there anyway to test autocmds?
what do you mean by test? You can just add e.g. console.log or window.alert if you want to check that they're running
@tohe:matrix.orgtohei have this autocmd DocStart ^http(s)?://www.reddit.com urlmodify -t "www" "old" 11:09:20
@tohe:matrix.orgtohe * i have this autocmd DocStart ^http(s)?://www.reddit.com urlmodify -t "www" "old" in my config 11:09:41
@tohe:matrix.orgtohewhich is not currently working11:09:47
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@rddunphy:matrix.orgR. David DunphyTry without the quotes?16:10:03
In reply to @tohe:matrix.org
i have this autocmd DocStart ^http(s)?://www.reddit.com urlmodify -t "www" "old" in my config

ah I see

Just run

:urlmodify .... on the page you're on

@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom As R. David Dunphy said it's probably just the quotes that's the problem 16:11:12
@tohe:matrix.orgtoheok thanks17:58:51
@ash-m:matrix.orgash-mhow do you reorder tabs?18:20:00
@ash-m:matrix.orgash-mhah, nvm18:38:56
In reply to @ash-m:matrix.org
how do you reorder tabs?
tabsort :)
@ash-m:matrix.orgash-mI just read it... I searched apropos for "order" but not "sort" 18:39:52
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domwe can add it to the help if you fancy 18:40:23
@ash-m:matrix.orgash-m there must be something funky with my profile. ctlr+, occasionally breaks 18:40:31
@ash-m:matrix.orgash-mI ever so mildly fancy :P18:40:57
@ash-m:matrix.orgash-m bovine3dom: do you use containers? 18:41:18
In reply to @ash-m:matrix.org
bovine3dom: do you use containers?
yeah but nothing complicated, just when I have multiple accounts for a single website
@ash-m:matrix.orgash-mokay, because I often simply using containers to color my tabs18:43:03
@ash-m:matrix.orgash-mwhich I don't think is a great purpose18:43:12

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