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26 Jan 2022
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatwe do need to potentially port some improvements from Camera to Auditor23:26:04
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatI think Auditor is missing some stuff it would benefit from now23:26:18
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatbeyond just flashlight toggle23:26:22
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatgoing to do a new stable release of Camera23:32:34
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatseems fine23:32:35
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcathardly any changes other than the CameraX update23:32:52
@vxixxi:matrix.orgvxixxigreat !23:32:52
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcat somethingdecent will be back in a few weeks when he's less busy with school etc. 23:33:02
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatand then it will be more actively developed again23:33:07
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatwe need to make geotagging option work better23:33:32
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatit doesn't work well at all atm23:33:37
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatmost people don't want that on GrapheneOS but if we published it on Play Store people would23:33:50
@vxixxi:matrix.orgvxixxihave you considered putting the camera app into the new appstore ?23:39:33
In reply to @vxixxi:matrix.org
have you considered putting the camera app into the new appstore ?
we will in future
@vxixxi:matrix.orgvxixxithat would be nice23:40:50
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcat vxixxi: we'll put Auditor, Camera, PDF Viewer there 'soon' 23:44:44
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatbut we won't be using it for distributing betas yet23:44:51
@vxixxi:matrix.orgvxixxioooh i see23:44:58
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatVanadium can't go there until we finally figure out how to rename the app id23:44:59
@vxixxi:matrix.orgvxixxii was hoping for that actually since you are able to choose the release channel23:45:09
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatand the app repo doesn't support installing an app like Vanadium with a split out library yet23:45:12
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatthey have to be installed together in a session23:45:18
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatwe might need to split up the concept of dependencies23:45:35
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatyou need to update the Vanadium library, WebView and browser (3 apps) in one go23:45:57
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatif you update just library it would break WebView and browser23:46:03
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatwe probably aren't going to be doing Vanadium releases via the app repo for a long time due to this combined with needing to rename the browser app id (we did WebVIew and library renames already but if we did browser naively users would lose their app data)23:46:38
@vxixxi:matrix.orgvxixxihonestly i dont see many vanadium s updates as much as i see camera and play services23:47:33
@vxixxi:matrix.orgvxixxiso i dont think it is a problem 23:47:45
27 Jan 2022
@strcat:grapheneos.orgstrcatGrapheneOS Camera app version 10 released: https://github.com/GrapheneOS/Camera/releases/tag/1000:35:39

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