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June 17: 10 am: Stretch release party and install fest, Pazhassi Library Mananthavady | More -> wayanad.fsug.in22 Servers

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8 Apr 2019
07:46:59@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveen Friends, I'm contesting Lok Sabha elections from Kannur. Hoping for support from all. social.masto.host/@praveen
10 Apr 2019
2 May 2019
15:34:25@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveen Folks, we have been running poddery.com for last 6 years, started as a diaspora pod, with xmpp and matrix added later, all using the same username and password. It is fully funded and managed by the community. Now we need your help to make our third crowd funding campaign successful. Contribute and share the campaign. https://fund.poddery.com/
9 May 2019
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13:37:26@bady:poddery.comPirate Bady The history of #Poddery - by Pirate Praveen:
10 May 2019
08:44:18@joice:matrix.orgJoice srud is on her way to become first woman DD from India! Congrats!
12 May 2019
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14 May 2019
17 May 2019
18:09:42@telegram_243330990:tchncs.deMujeeb IBComputing (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
16 May 2019
In reply to @joice:matrix.org
link to ft subscription ?
17 May 2019
00:30:03@joice:matrix.orgJoice No, the article was on WhatsApp security microphone security breach. I am using nopaywall add-on.so I didn't saw such annoyance
19 May 2019
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20 May 2019
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1 Jun 2019
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9 Jun 2019
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23 Jun 2019
13:49:42@bady:poddery.comPirate BadyRedacted or Malformed Event
27 Jun 2019
15:02:17@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveen
In reply to @joice:matrix.org
No, the article was on WhatsApp security microphone security breach. I am using nopaywall add-on.so I didn't saw such annoyance
Joice: can we organize a Debian Buster release party in Wayanad?
15:02:30@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveen@room ^
15:02:59@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenSreejith Koiloth: ^
15:03:28@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenRashi ^
28 Jun 2019
02:02:41@joice:matrix.orgJoiceLet me try.
29 Jul 2019
12:32:59@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveen invited @techrawther:poddery.comtechrawther.
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14:06:44@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveentechrawther welcome here!
14:06:51@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenJoice ^
17:00:57@joice:matrix.orgJoice Hi there.
techrawther :hai:
30 Jul 2019
In reply to @joice:matrix.org
Hi there.
techrawther :hai:
Hi Joice
25 Aug 2019
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