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27 Sep 2016
17:24:01@john:matrix.freelock.comJohn changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
17:24:54@freelocke:matrix.orgJohn Locke joined the room.
17:25:20@john:matrix.freelock.comJohnchanged room power levels.
17:26:58@john:matrix.freelock.comJohnchanged room power levels.
9 Oct 2016
18:55:09@john:matrix.freelock.comJohn invited @slackbot:matrix.orgSlack Integration.
18:55:10@slackbot:matrix.orgSlack Integration joined the room.
18:55:10@john:matrix.freelock.comJohnchanged room power levels.
27 Dec 2016
18:36:28@kesselborn:matrix.orgkesselborn joined the room.
23 Mar 2017
00:18:17@don:matrix.freelock.comDon joined the room.
12 Apr 2017
10:29:51@kesselborn:matrix.orgkesselborn set their display name to kesselborn.
7 Sep 2017
23:44:26@don:matrix.freelock.comDon changed their profile picture.

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