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1 Aug 2020
@jerry:hope.netjerry joined the room.09:00:56
2 Aug 2020
@jerry:hope.netjerry 11:30:09
@toni:chat.weho.sttoni 20:29:41
3 Aug 2020
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5 Aug 2020
@Quillasp:matrix.org.•?(¯°·._.•ℙʰo𝔬𝓴eᑎᔕᵉⓐ𝕝•._.·°¯)؟•. changed their display name from •?(¯°·._.•ℙʰo𝔬𝓴eᑎᔕᵉⓐ𝕝•._.·°¯)؟• to .•?(¯°·._.•ℙʰo𝔬𝓴eᑎᔕᵉⓐ𝕝•._.·°¯)؟•..06:55:16
7 Aug 2020
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8 Aug 2020
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15 Aug 2020
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17 Aug 2020
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@therealdannyboy:matrix.orgDaniel joined the room.16:56:15
@therealdannyboy:matrix.orgDanielDoes anyone here use XMonad on FreeBSD?18:31:18
@spektre-cloud:matrix.org@cloud-strife joined the room.20:59:24
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@therealdannyboy:matrix.orgDaniel * Hi.21:21:38
@spektre-cloud:matrix.org@cloud-strifeXmonad is awesome21:21:59
@spektre-cloud:matrix.org@cloud-strifesometimes it can be a bit of a pain configuring it, but i can't detach myself from it, it has just too many good functions21:32:12
@spektre-cloud:matrix.org@cloud-strifelike the grid select, and now that i discovered the BSP layout it's perfect21:32:27
@therealdannyboy:matrix.orgDaniel BSP? Is that related to bspwm? 23:57:32
18 Aug 2020
@spektre-cloud:matrix.org@cloud-strifeyes, it's a layout based on the Binary space tree thingy05:47:46
19 Aug 2020
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@spektre-cloud:matrix.org@cloud-strifedoes anyone uses the treeselect option? is it possible to add a background to the comment in the main node? because i set the treeselect bg color to transparent, but with those little comments looks funny10:07:31
21 Aug 2020
@balaclavas:matrix.orgbalaclavas joined the room.22:55:59
23 Aug 2020
@patrice:tomesh.netpatrice 18:56:24
@phil:hackers.townphil joined the room.19:49:16
28 Aug 2020
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