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4 May 2021
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanooRate-limiting may be disabled altogether by setting RATE_LIMIT=0/0 (this results in the same behavior as before FTL v5.7).10:15:04
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanoo Alright zyk disabled 10:16:12
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanooi removed it after I restarted so next reload will reset it10:16:56
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzykok that's working now10:17:01
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzykcheck the stats page10:17:04
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzykit's hardly putting the pihole under load10:18:13
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanooyeah cpu is basically idle10:18:18
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanooyou need to thread that more lmao10:18:20
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzykseemd dnsperf hasn't yet implemented DoH, so cant try that yet10:18:26
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzykoh hang on, it's not multithread by default10:19:07
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanooAnywawy I'm gonna head off10:22:46
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanoohave fun lmao10:22:48
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzyknight :)10:23:59
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11 May 2021
@themantiss:matrix.orgthemantissanyone taking support calls, brace yourselves. office update has broken outlook and it seems it's worldwide20:33:32
@themantiss:matrix.orgthemantissfix is to revert, run the following in admin cmd20:33:44
@themantiss:matrix.orgthemantiss"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun\OfficeC2RClient.exe" /update user updatetoversion=16.0.13901.2046220:34:01
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanooI can see this20:56:39
@idanoo:mtrx.nzidanooour entire office is on fire basically20:56:54
@themantiss:matrix.orgthemantissabsolute scenes20:59:59
force everyone to turn on auto updates
cries when everything breaks at the same time
@themantiss:matrix.orgthemantissyep. wait til google makes 2fa default21:22:11
12 May 2021

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