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8 Oct 2021
@andreubotella:mozilla.orgAndreu Botella (he/they) The wording is tricky, but it seems to say that, in any case other than [LegacyTreatNonObjectAsNull], converting non-callable objects will throw 16:57:09
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.orgYeah, it's coming back to me now. So nice that every five years to a decade you get to learn silly things anew.17:06:37
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.orgThanks a lot for the help!17:23:39
9 Oct 2021
@chargerlady11:matrix.orgJennifer Lucas joined the room.02:00:12
@domfarolino:matrix.orgDominic FarolinoWhy are streams exposed to worklets?15:21:41
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In reply to @domfarolino:matrix.org
Why are streams exposed to worklets?
They are pure computation data structures, similar to e.g. Map or Array.
10 Oct 2021
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@deeznutz225:matrix.orgDavid Pipher set a profile picture.02:41:26
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicThat question doesn't really make sense... I don't know what "leverage" means.17:53:05
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicbfcache is for cross-document navigations, popstate is for same-document navigations, so maybe the answer is "no"?17:53:34
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12 Oct 2021
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@msmith12:matrix.orgmsmith12Hi all01:40:40
@msmith12:matrix.orgmsmith12Just sumbitted patch, hopefully its the start of something great01:40:57
@noamr:matrix.orgNoam Rosenthal Good morning annevk, some longish morning thought. I was thinking a lot about the fetch/timing integration. Maybe it was not right to associate the timing info with a response? A response is something that can be shared between fetches (service workers, cache), and would have different timing in each fetch context as some of the timing is measured before the response is created. Perhaps reporting the timing should be a method of the fetch instance rather than the response, and all the "attaching" is not necessary? Contemplating https://github.com/whatwg/fetch/issues/1208 and https://github.com/whatwg/fetch/issues/1215 06:02:13
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgsideshowbarker Noam Rosenthal: by the way, thanks much for doing that PR for proper Fetch integration into CSS 06:03:56
@noamr:matrix.orgNoam Rosenthal
In reply to @sideshowbarker:mozilla.org
Noam Rosenthal: by the way, thanks much for doing that PR for proper Fetch integration into CSS
Pleasure, it felt necessary
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgsideshowbarkeryeah it was kind of long overdue06:12:13
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgsideshowbarkerand for any given spec, it’s not trivial to figure how to call into the Fetch algorithms in the right way06:13:14
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgsideshowbarker*for any given request scenario06:14:41
@noamr:matrix.orgNoam Rosenthaltrying to figure it out for multiple specs... For the CSS one it's a bit of a one-size-fits all because there are no load/error events, but still there are issues with referrers and CORS etc.06:47:35
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Noam Rosenthal: I guess conceptually you'd want fetch to return a response and timing info, but since the handshake is fetch(request) -> response it's hard to change that 07:09:15
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Noam Rosenthal: though maybe it's changeable more easily now that we have callbacks 07:09:29
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Noam Rosenthal: the other thing we probably still want to do at some point is FetchObserver (there's an issue if you search for this), which would also be a somewhat natural point to expose this on 07:10:17
@noamr:matrix.orgNoam Rosenthal annevk: Fetch doesn't really return anything, but rather takes in callbacks that accept responses. I think that it could return some controller object that represents the fetch instance, which could have things like "report resource timing" 07:12:57
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Noam Rosenthal: sure, I meant at a high-level, but yeah, at a concrete level I suspect we'd want to return the controller directly 07:13:46
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Noam Rosenthal: that would also give us a way to do abort more cleanly 07:14:02
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Noam Rosenthal: that's probably what I'd want to start with 07:14:11

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