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19 Jun 2021
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibald devsnek: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/primers/service-workers/lifecycle 14:28:58
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibald foolip: If you feel it's something that can & should be fixed, yeah. The triage guy still seems to think it's behaving correctly 14:29:52
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibald(kinda a bad experience, if I didn't work for the company I'd have given up by now)14:30:16
@jakea:matrix.orgJake ArchibaldDoesn't need to be a lengthy reply, just a nod that it shouldn't be closed "wontfix", which has happened twice already14:31:15
@foolip:matrix.orgfoolipJake Archibald: That’s Aleks of TablesNG and microtask timing fame, I think you’d get along well in real life :)14:31:31
@foolip:matrix.orgfoolip* Jake Archibald: That’s Aleks of TablesNG and microtask timing fame, I think you’d get along well in real life :)14:31:43
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibald foolip: eh maybe. I just feel the reduced cases I created were ignored 14:32:45
@devsnek:matrix.orgdevsnekjake is this saying if the worker url 404s, it will keep the old one?14:32:52
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibald devsnek: correct 14:33:05
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibald devsnek: lots of history there if you want to get into it https://github.com/w3c/ServiceWorker/issues/204 14:34:07
@devsnek:matrix.orgdevsnekthx jake14:35:28
@jakea:matrix.orgJake ArchibaldRedacted or Malformed Event14:36:13
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibald foolip: oh, wait, I do know the guy, and yeah we got on. Guess we're just having an off day communication-wise. 14:36:57
@foolip:matrix.orgfoolipJake Archibald: commented with typos14:40:08
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibaldbest kind of comment14:40:23
@foolip:matrix.orgfoolipOr what’s the word when you omit some words?14:40:25
@jakea:matrix.orgJake ArchibaldWhatever it is, it's what I do in like half of my tweets14:41:20
@jakea:matrix.orgJake ArchibaldThanks for adding the comment!14:41:45
@jakea:matrix.orgJake ArchibaldI'll create some spec issues for this and file bugs in other browsers on Monday14:42:09
@jakea:matrix.orgJake Archibald(even if it's just to match the language currently there for mutation observers)14:42:29
@jakea:matrix.orgJake ArchibaldKinda surprising that all browsers seem to have the same pattern where listeners and MutationObserver don't leak, whereas IntersectionObserver and ResizeObserver leak. I guess it's because layout is seen as being outside the element.14:43:47
@aja:mozilla.orgajadevsnek, tried having server send a Clear-Site-Data header?17:05:08
@devsnek:matrix.orgdevsnekfixing the 404 worked17:06:21
@bakkot:matrix.orgbakkotwhat happened to the CSS on the webidl spec?22:56:32
@bakkot:matrix.orgbakkotoh, https://www.w3.org/ is giving a 503, I see22:56:42
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgsideshowbarkeryeah it went down about 11 hours, and stayed down for more than 2 hours before coming back 22:59:44
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgsideshowbarkerso it’s likely to be down again for a while22:59:55
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgsideshowbarkerfor the record here, the cause it’s an internal W3C problem but instead a problem caused by the hosting service that W3C uses23:01:02
@bakkot:matrix.orgbakkotalso, if anyone can review PRs to webidl, it would be good to get a review on https://github.com/heycam/webidl/pull/914, since there's currently a mismatch between the two specs: ecma262's CreateBuiltinFunction now takes more required arguments than webidl provides it, and this PR fixes that23:01:34

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