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20 Jul 2021
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orghttps://github.com/mdn/content/issues/7049 could use some help/attention from someone among us with strong domain knowledge (and strong opinions…) about Shadow DOM11:22:32
In reply to @sideshowbarker:mozilla.org

per-spec should the following be a document-conformance (authoring-conformance error)?

<input type='text' autocomplete=' ' />
I believe it should per the authoring conformance requirements in https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/form-control-infrastructure.html#attr-fe-autocomplete
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicHmm nope https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/common-microsyntaxes.html#set-of-space-separated-tokens did not say what I thought it said16:02:14
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicSo it seems like both autocomplete="" and autocomplete=" " should be valid?16:02:45
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgwell currently I’m reporting the empty string as invalid, but not the whitespace-only string16:21:08
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgI wonder if something changed in the spec after the time when I originally implemented this in the checker16:22:05
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgthough, doesn’t really matter because I need to make it conform to the current spec anyway16:24:19
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgmeanwhile FYI for anybody curious, https://github.com/mdn/content/pull/7092 is a PR for converting the sources for all the MDN JavaScript docs from HTML to Markdown16:31:21
21 Jul 2021
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Domenic: I can write a simple test for reportError as a start 15:58:14
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Domenic: unless you already have something locally 15:58:21
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenic annevk: I've got nothing, please do! 16:00:23
@dereknongeneric:mozilla.orgDerekNonGeneric sideshowbarker (et al), something i really appreciate in a lot of docs and specs i have encountered lately is the table of contents that follows you as you scroll and have been looking into seeing how to best implement it for my own purposes similar to the following link: https://ebidel.github.io/demos/sticky-position-event.html 17:36:13
@dereknongeneric:mozilla.orgDerekNonGenericnot surprised it isn't more common, it turns out to be quite an endeavor if wanting to do this in amp, but i found a nice codepen someone wrote up (the code comments are in japanese too, which is fun) https://codepen.io/yuheijotaki/pen/zeqZVd17:42:54
@travishardiman:matrix.orgtravis joined the room.20:15:33
@dereknongeneric:mozilla.orgDerekNonGeneric the codepen above could be slightly old, but they could have used scroll-padding-top there instead and it would look a lot better to me https://codepen.io/chriscoyier/pen/NJJERg 22:12:33
@dereknongeneric:mozilla.orgDerekNonGeneric(these things are just nice to have, not really anything urgent, but it does seem doable afaict)22:16:32
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orghttps://github.com/mdn/content/issues/7138 could use some help from somebody with experience writing about Service Worker23:57:57
22 Jul 2021
@bkardell:igalia.combkardelltotally random q.... would it be useful for anyone else if the HTML spec had a service worker / offline ? Has someone made a fork like that or something? Was it discussed?15:28:25
@bkardell:igalia.combkardellI feel like I open this doc for searching very often and it generally takes a long time to load - if my connection just happens to be slow atm it is like... very very slow15:29:20
@bkardell:igalia.combkardellI guess I could grab the PDF but ick15:29:41
@bkardell:igalia.combkardellfwiw I have given this about 1m thought15:30:02
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicIt's been discussed and is desired; all the other specs have it. It's just a bit more work nobody has done yet.15:30:07
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicThe loading time issue is Chrome-specific though.15:30:15
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicAnd a service worker won't help that15:30:21
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicIt's something about the HTML parser not dealing well with large documents.15:30:28
In reply to @domenicdenicola:matrix.org
It's something about the HTML parser not dealing well with large documents.
yeah wow it is striking
@bkardell:igalia.combkardellnever compared in FF before 15:40:01
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.orgBrowsers should just move to daily updates and bundle the HTML Standard16:04:18

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