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15 Sep 2016
15:56:51@Pedro007:matrix.orgpedro007 changed their display name from Pedro007 to pedro007.
22 Sep 2016
12:32:05@pedroc:matrix.org@pedroc:matrix.org left the room.
26 Sep 2016
13:46:29@Pedro007:matrix.orgpedro007 invited @pedroc:matrix.org@pedroc:matrix.org.
14:59:50@pedroc:matrix.org@pedroc:matrix.org rejected invite.
28 Oct 2016
13:30:36@Pedro007:matrix.orgpedro007 changed their profile picture.
2 Nov 2016
15:38:22@pedroc:matrix.org@pedroc:matrix.org joined the room.
3 Nov 2016
08:50:55@pedroc:matrix.org@pedroc:matrix.org left the room.

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