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Monero Mining
6917The group is dedicated to people starting to mine Monero. Information regarding GPU rigs, CPU rigs and all kinds of pools and setups. If your a beginner and want information or a seasoned miner feel free to post your questions here Please avoid big pools, as these *could* perform a 51% attack. It will not affect your mining income. More resources at FAQ: What's the best hardware? "AMD ryzen 3000 or 5000 series, good cooler, noctua NH14, NH15, good Samsung b-die memory, being 3200cl14 , or 3600cl16, or 3600cl14, and a good motherboard, being B-550, X570, or B-450, providing all these boards support good overclocking, and good vrm section/cooling" What is the profitability? Depending on the hashrate the estimates can be calculated here: What hashrate I can get with my hardware? Here you can see some benchmarks Official Monero channel: